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Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo
Sr. BJP & Kashmiri Pandit Leader, 
Human Rights Defender & Author

The Lockdown in connection with the Covid19 struggle for survival has completed one month of its tenure in India. It has enriched all of us with new experiences of our life in an era which we have been describing as the most modern and scientifically advanced. The lessons this one month taught us need to be summarised for the benefit of this generation, which has a huge opportunity before it to make appropriate adjustments with time, space and environment. 

               Ever since the "exportation" of Chinese Virus Covid19 to the world, there is a growing uncertainty throughout the nook and corner of the world. There is hardly a country that has escaped the wrath of the deadly virus. After its journey from Wuhan, the epicentre of the global virus threat, four months ago, it has ultimately engulfed one of the biggest continents of the earth ie, Africa, its latest poor victim. 

                        The journey of the Coronovirus was initially slow and steady when it encircled the two north eastern provinces of China. Once it crossed the borders of its origin in China, it attacked countries on and around 40° Latitude of the globe from Japan and South Korea to Ireland and Canada. The countries it first attacked were Iran, Italy, Germany, Spain and UK. Immediately, it swept the whole of Europe and made it's way to North and South America including the mighty US.
 Consequently, it was Asia's turn again alongwith the down-under geographical entities with focus on huge population and area of India. 

                         The countries around India, in far east and far south, including the one near its neighbourhood constitute one third of the world's population. India was always a strategic key so far as the spread of epidemic in this particular area of the earth was concerned. The pendemic by then devastated Europe and US allowing India the gestation period to deliver the strategy suited to its genetic order & strength, infrastructural capability and spirit of political leadership & social discipline. 

                Since the task was grave and also beyond the comprehension of the normal crisis managers, it needed an extraordinary political leadership ready to learn from the grave decision making and blunders of East and West and particularly Europe. PM Modi emerged as the leader of crisis and delivered the best suited mechanism that saved India and all its neighbourhood friends from a near disaster that could have cost a million casualties by now. India exhibited its strong will to save humanity as compared to economy. 

                                    India and Indians have, by and large, shown a remarkable spirit of self-discipline, perseverance, commitment, will to survive and the bonding of civilisational existence over the last one month in particular with effect from 19th March 2020. They have followed their leader in command, kept themselves in locks and behind the doors, ready to perform their duties as CoronaWarriors in the most difficult situations, prepared to serve the needy and poor whose daily incomes were suddenly extinguished and, in addition, kept themselves quite busy in home and on social-media contributing to the new creations of various sorts. 

                                     The people of India both, publicly and privately, through the official and political formulations as well as social mechanism recognised the contributions of CoronaWarriors and especially the Civic workers who generally belong to the so-called lower sections of the society. It was pleasant to watch them being honoured publicly by the society throughout the length and breadth of the country throwing to the wind the social taboos created by the vested interests.

                                               The latest figures released by the prestigious WorldoMetre site, regarding the status and effect of the pendemic Covid19, speak volumes of messages to the world, to the effect, that India stood the test and has held the fort unitedly and resolutely. It didn't allow community spread and arrested the trend right at the end of stage 2 and at the verge of stage 3. This is a remarkable feature of the story of our war on Covid19 in the world that a country like India, with a huge population of 1.3 billion people, has around 15,000 active cases with around 600 deaths only as on date written on the wall for everyone to see and be inspired. 

                                 This author has been consistently and vociferously advocating the idea of Lockdown ever since the pendemic reached the shores of India. The leadership of India deserve kudos and recognition for assuring a vast percentage of population of the world a positive hope for life, health and future despite what went wrong here and there in the world so far as the strategy to control the pendemic is concerned. The lessons of this struggling-month are indeed big and worth mentioning to one and all. 

                             The most important lesson remains that the moneys have a limit to assure human beings what is called peace and prosperity. Both these destinations in the materialistic world are beyond reach and access of materialistic treasures and comforts. Social distancing or physical distancing don't necessarily mean emotional distancing. The social distancing in essence means emotional integration in case there is a will and desire to continue the relationships.

                   America is not that big and huge that it made itself out to be or the world deemed it to be. And also, Europe is not as educated as it pretended to be. The societies of both these custodians of world's large wealth, luxury and comforts are reduced to rubble once challenged from the within. The Republic of China is friend of none and it has proved its history correct. The bacteria of expansionist ideology has larger roots in China than in any other territory in West or East. The Royal blood of UK which made all attempts to remain pure is also vulnerable and the Pound is not the ultimate currency despite, with or without Brexit.

                       The oil market can go to wherefrom the crude comes. Most of the oil producing nations have been made to lick the dust by selling their product at zeero profit. Surprisingly, some of them, in order to be relevant in business are forced to sell the precious liquid at a perpetual loss. Environment and nature, some elements thought, are subservient to human whims and fancies. In the name of the so-called cultural, religious and social traditions, most of us milked them all along and have now been left to their mercy and pity.

                             The virtual world is a reality, and the information technology is the biggest miracle in the hands of human beings that can convert a situation impossibly possible. Solar energy is a huge source of energy that has a great future without question. The medicinal and medical support provided by India to more than sixty countries of the world including US and in Europe in these crisis is a new success story of our onward march. India, that many in the world underestimated for reasons, has shown the path of resolution, recovery and unlimited horizons of vision. The world looks up to India and Indian leadership.

                               US and Europe will have to come out from the biggest shock of century. China will assume the role of villain in the eyes of the humanity. The genetically stronger will conquer, echoing the bard's statement made one century ago,
"Yunaan Misra Roma sab mit gayey yahan sey, Abtak magar hai baaqi namo-nishan hamara..!
Kutch baat hai ki hasti mit-ti nahin hamari, sadiyoon raha hai dushman daurey zamaan hamara..!"


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