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Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo
Sr. BJP & Kashmiri Pandit Leader, 
Human Rights Defender & Author

Among the oldest civilizations of the world, India and China constitute the major portion of history, culture, art, languages and contribution to the architecture in the global civilizational process. Though the other civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Rome, Maya, Babylonia and Mesopotamia had also their great time in the history of the world yet they got dissolved due to their own follies and faults.

China, undoubtedly, stood the test of time for thousands of years like India but the 'cultural revolution' of China in 1949 drifted the course of its history from a rich cultural background and a traditionalist to an authoritarian, expansionist, mechanized, totalitarian and an atheist way of life. Things were pushed through within China in such a way for the last seven decades that everything that flowed from the highest seat of power was deemed and dreamt correct so that its implementation became practicable, easy and user-friendly.

When in 1979, the students of China rose in rebellion against the system in their own country, the people in power took no time to muzzle them with the might of the highly mechanized political system. It got the most of them killed in the most important place of China, the Thieneman Square in Beijing where tanks and bulldozers virtually grinded and swept them alive. Officially, the toll was put at around 3,000 but the international media and the intelligence inputs put it around 30,000 killings. With this, came to an end the democratic voice in China in all fields of activity and so, there is no change in that position for the last four long decades in the State designated as mythological "dragon" by all and sundry.

India, in 1947 post independence era, adopted an entirely different democratic value system and a virtual antithesis of what China prescribed to its subjects. While India took its constitution, historical & cultural background and democracy as its astounding base for the future, China relied upon the principle that "the power flowed through the barrel of the gun". Mao Tse-Tung was the pioneer leader of China of this new way of life that it continues to follow till date.

Capture of land masses and the sea waters where the mainstream forces of the competing nation would reach late came out as the main taste of the dragon. The occupation of Aksai Chin, Damchok desert and the Karakoram glacier mountains in the Himalayas was a very cunning and deceitful act of China against its the then so-called friend, India. The dragon demanded even from one of its true satelite-friend, Pakistan, its share of the booty called Siachin and Karakoram. Slowly and steadily, it attacked Tibet autonomous region and made hundreds of thousands of its original inhabitants either refugees in India and elsewhere or slaves within Tibet over the last six decades.

China didn't bother to take diplomatic care at a time when the Indian Foreign Minister, Vajpayee was on the visit of China, it attacked Vietnam. The attack on Vietnam in 1979 was a brutal action by China but Vietnam made China to eat the humble pie. With the passage of time, China came put openly into the world market with a clear intent to capture it, and did it with outstanding wit, cleverness and labour. The spread of Covid19 virus from Wuhan-China is also being understood as its biological warfare to control the world economy. Its export of Wuhanvirus has nearly laid to rest five hundred thousand people globally with US and Europe as the biggest victims. Almost a billion people by now are under its (Coronavirus's) direct infection while a multiple of them are affected indirectly. China earned the worst name in its history in the year 2020, internationally, beyond question.

India, undoubtedly, over the last five to six years under the leadership of its Prime Minister Modi played smart innings in context of its relationship with China. While it allowed its huge market open to China and also kept the diplomatic bonhomie circus going-on, on the one hand, India made it sure to construct roads, infrastructure, bridges and temporary installations on and near Line of Actual Control in all the four major areas of intense patrolling by China ie, Damchok desert, Aksai Chin, Galvan valley and Karakoram mountainous region.

In the Siachin Glacier higher reaches, the movement of Indian troops northwards also created a sort of headache for the Dragon consistently. There were some skirmishes going on at various points of LAC over the last a couple of years. Notably among them are the ones known as 2017 Doklam-Sikkim conflict consequent upon which China was forced to retreat to its positions beyond the LAC. On 18 June 2017, as a part of Operation Juniper, about 270 Indian troops armed with weapons and two bulldozers crossed the Sikkim border into Doklam to stop the Chinese troops from constructing the road. India and China used to have meetings between its military representatives on the LAC on regular intervals. What happened this time in the Galvan valley is of a unique kind in the modern day contemporary military history.  

The Commanding Officer, Colonel B. Santosh. Babu, 12 Bihar Regiment went to meet Chinese counterpart with one JCO and one Subedar, to give the message to their camp that they should be on their territory, and will have to go back to their positions. As the conversation between the China's and India's front line guards went on, the Chinese camp suddenly became furious, the Colonel was attacked with a base ball bat which badly injured him. His JCO and Subedar saw their colonel injured, severely wounded on his forehead and reacted. They were also attacked and their heads and stomachs were injured with pointed nails and also by base punches with  the pointed nails. Their vehicle was dropped into the river below the canyon by dropping a large rock over the truck. There were 17 soldiers present in that truck, so one can imagine the result.

A large contingent of the 12 Bihar Regiment and the Punjab Battalion of the Indian Army which followed soon after this incident were reinforced. On hearing that the Colonel of the Bihar Regiment is seriously injured, the soldiers of the Bihar Regiment got agitated, along with the Punjab Regiment (not the Sikh Regiment). What was it then, the soldiers of the Punjab Regiment entered into the tents of the Chinese, went berserk, started a fire, and as soon as the Chinese soldiers came out, the dreaded jawans of the Bihar regiment separated their necks by uttering their war-cries loudly. It was a one way traffic then, a huge number of Chinese soldiers were thrown into the gorges and around 50 of them were sure dead.

China evacuated all the military hospitals in Beijing overnight. The dead bodies burned for a day and a half. India's RandyTV type news channel, called Global Times, wrote that China suffered a "huge loss". Now what was this huge loss? China admitted that 43 of their soldiers were killed. If a country like China confirms the death of 43 of its soldiers, then one needs not to get the figures right. China sent 47 helicopters to lift 43 bodies.....? And strangely, they informed and requested India to instruct its military bosses to allow its search operations to collect the dead bodies.

China had been pursuing one-Child policy since 1970. As a result, the forgotten pandas born in China, they grow up in great comfort and pampering. They are no match to the rough and tough highly trained jawans of the Indian army. Moreover PLA, the Chinese Army is by and large like inhome-tigers who have no worthwhile exposure of fighting in deserts, mountains, seas, oceans, lush green jungles and also  concrete jungles, temperatures varying from plus fifty degrees to minus fifty degrees, glaciers and deep waters unlike Indian soldiers. The merit record of the army of India needs no certificates and description.

On the diplomatic front with India, Russia, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Britain, France, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and above all Israel (which it says invading India, they will have to fight first) will be together. India, Russia, America and Japan together can block the South China corridor. China is also well aware that it is not 1962, it is 2020.

India's missile, operates at a speed of Mach7, is capable of hitting at a speed of 3700 kilometers per hour, and that has no cut by any other country in the world, even not with the US as well. A missile which is not possible to see with open eyes while operational, nor can any radar of the world catch it. This missile flying on low altitude is very deadly and infamous. Nobody can keep this missile an eye upon on this planet. Kali5000 and Kali10000 are a miracle which no country other than India knows. These can be deployed quickly on AWACS and AN-32 class aircraft. Pakistan has seen the wrath of what Kali can cause in the 10th of seconds.

By the time China contemplates the idea, hundreds of its cities, Bromhos will have finished. The BrahMos is the only missile system in the world that operates on the "Fire And Forget" method. The first BrahMos missile takes 3 minutes to launch. And then 20 consecutive Bramhos missiles strike at lightning speed every 3 seconds.The Bramhos missile that was earlier used to hit 290 km at a speed of 3000 km per hour, now the DRDO has changed the Brahmos missile, it can hit with a distance of about 470 km and with a speed of about 3700 km per hour. And this kill can be from anywhere, water or land.

India as a simple soft power of yesteryear is history, China knows it well. They also are conscious of that there is a charging session of 25 minutes before the launch of the atomic bomb, which emits smoke and lights. And to capture it, there is already an Indian night satellite in space which is capable of forwarding Agni and Brahmos type missile systems. It would be a huge mistake of China to underestimate India in any field, now.

With WTO guidelines, due to China's losing its case badly recently, it will have now a level playing field internationally, regardless of subsidy support by the government to its private players. It has to face now stiff challenge in all spheres particularly in context of Covid19 mindset globally. It has started moving, slowly and steadily, to an altogether different line. It now asks India for a settlement permanently, through its varied political, military and diplomatic channels.

The day may not be far off when India will be designating all areas under Chinese illegal occupation as "China occupied Ladakh" as similar to "Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir". A new India has emerged out of a seven decade old political and diplomatic mist and it is poised to take on all challenges, with will and guts, unheard and unprecedented in the modern history of the last one hundred years. Time for deeper analysis is on.

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