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Environmental protection is most essential for our life,health etc. Environmental protection refers to protecting the environment. Trees – Plants have great importance in human life but today the human

being is neglected by not understanding its importance and usage. As a result, many trees cut down and their number is continuously decreasing .If the forest is destroyed then there will be a shortage of water ,the fertility of land will be reduced, the animals and birds will die .

  • Environmental protection is our moral duty to conserve and preserve our environment. Increased air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution will lead to severe environmental degradation.
  • We all know that smoke is daily spread into atmosphere through vehicles and factories.
  • It contains poisonous gases and other dust particles. These causes many respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis etc.
  • Even the burning of waste papers,leaves and plastic bags creates a great danger to our health. Our eyes, hair and throat get adversely affected.
  • Noise pollution creates from loudspeakers, religious centres and music shops has a adversely affect on our body.
  • Even the water we drink, food and vegetables we take and the air we inhale are polluted by different agencies or tribunals.
  • Some people do not know the importance of keeping their environment neat and clean.
  • We need to wear masks and use anti pollutant items.
  • We should plant more trees and use less vehicles on the roads. Plants and trees inhales the carbondioxide and exhales the oxygen in the process of photosynthesis.
  • The industries and factories should be set up un far off places to keep the environment healthy. We should protect our rivers from industrial waste to fall into them.
At last, Environmental awareness is social necessity. It is not only the duty of government but also a responsibility of each and every individual to help in keeping the environment free from pollution.

Some exhibitions related to environment protection should be organized on a large scale to make everybody aware about the need for preserving our environment. There is need to adopt some scientific strategies and recycle the garbage. We should initiate every immediate steps to keep our environment clean.

THREE R’s to protect the environment---- REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

By - Lavica Mittal
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