Kashmiri Pandits & IDP Status | LIVE IMAGE

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Kashmiri Pandits & IDP Status Part-1

Kashmiri Pandits & IDP Status Part-2

Kashmiri Pandits & IDP Status Part-3

Kashmiri Pandits & IDP Status Part-4

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 I am Deepak Raju Kashmiri Working for Electronic Media From Last 30 Years & I Produced A Lot of Program for Different Channels.  My Father Late. SH.V.P.ARORA was the Head Of CINEMATOGRAPHY Department in Delhi Doordarshan , As Well As He was in Srinagar DD Also . As a Kashmiri Migrant I Know The Root Problem of Kashmir Through My Channel "I Want To Be Part Of Solving The Kashmir Issue".   

I HOPE YOU WILL LIKE MY PROGRAM AND GIVE ME SUPPORT.   My Channel is to serve Masses to Explore their problems , Help them to find out the Solutions & make able to feel happy by entertain them.  

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