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International tiger day is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation.  It is celebrated on 29th July every year.  International tiger day has been initiated in 2010 by Saint Petersburg tiger summit in Russia.  The aim of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.

  • Government of India and national tiger conservation authority (NTCA) has also carried out an conomic valuation of tigers.
  • The annual day is slogan “Their survival is in our hands.”
  • From ancient days, tiger is the symbol of beauty, bravery and strength and sometimes mythical stories associated with it.
  • In fact, tiger is still part of many national symbols and flags.  It is our national animal.
  • Tiger is the biggest cat species with black stripes on beautiful orange fur on their body.
  • The main reason for loss of tigers is expansion of cities and agriculture by humans.
  • Tigers are vulnerable to extinction due to humans bad activities (inhuman) and climatic changes.
  • The positive side is that the lot of animal welfare organization have come forward to join hands in raising funds to reach this goal.
  • We often seen that the tiger skins are used in home décor. Bones of tigers are used for medicines and tonics.  So, we need to work hard to put an end to poaching and the illegal trade of tiger parts.

Prime minister Narendra Modi on international tiger day said that “ The story that started with ektha tiger and then continued with tiger zindahai, should not stop there.  

Tigers are the parts of our planets, natural heritage and they also have a great cultural and historical significance.  We can’t ignore that tigers not only protect the forest by maintaining ecological integrity but also they bring highest level of protection and investment to an area. No doubt they are also crucial for the ecosystems in which they live.  Therefore, we call them as umbrella species.  That is their conservation also conserve many other species in the same area.  

 So, Protect and conserve tigers!!!

Raising awareness is very important.  We should aware the family members, friends, relatives of these different threats that tigers face.  There will be a lot of videos, geographical channel, social activities is going around that you can share with others.

Shot with the camera not with the gun!!

By - Lavica Mittal

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