Bicycle Made The Marriage in Kashmir || LIVE IMAGE

Kakaji  , an Aeronautic Engineer,was counting days desperately during first   October of our independence. In the last week he was entering into a wedlock leaving behind his bachelorhood for good Gullay the middle man  who was know to  make marriages in Kashmiri Pandit families traditional marriage brokers called manjeemyoor  was made to labor hard to find a bride of Baithooth choice.

But Pandit ji of Srinagar was indifferent and his concern was to go on unmindful with the program not in haste but self reassures, Shaib ji who had married brides fathers sister many years back ,was  supervising  the marriage arrangements there His nephew was an activists and had fair knowledge of the situation and impeding dangers, as such though to ask his uncle to send women folk  back  home, Shaib ji  did not agree in spite of the fact he was apprised that the raiders have reached  as said near Shaltaing .

Day to solemnize the marriage arrived after long wait, departure of the Barat got struck , causing anxiety moments in the brides house ,Muharat was slipping away  ,inquiry revealed that Tongavalla has not reported as assured was the cause of delay so bicycle was  arranged by brides family and the Maharaaza was  bicycled down from Rainawari to Safakadal and  thus tied in nuptial in time Problem again struck as Kakaji was not knowing to paddle  so how the bride will be carried  on the same  bicycle ,  another was arranged and Babali enjoyed her first  cycle ride as marriage gift, thus bicycle  made the marriage long lasting.

his father  fondly called Bithtooth   known for his sobriety was in a restless temper, a man in desperate hurry, ensuring nothing to leave the arrangements to a chance
 Who was an ace middleman of his time had a long list of marriages arranged to his credit and discredit, Irony is that he died at an advanced age unmarried, none to shed tears Marriages   were at its peak during the month, more or less every Kucha in the Srinagar, one house or the other of ours   bore a festive look.

Monotony of silence of the  unending dark nights  would be disturbed with  the singing   of folk songs, by the women folk in rhythm with playing of hoombakhnaari, after hectic daily chores  Chakaari  gathering was all the more merrier Sounds of firing   from the raiders guns ,  and the news of advancement  with loot, rape, wanton  brute destruction beyond imagination as was till date unheard off were din lost in merry making Muzaffarabad fell, which costs us many serving community elders, mostly from the Srinagar and its vicinity  Gloominess  was there for all to see  in the affected families Baramullah fell too  met same fate but this time brute ness was far and wide,  widows , along with other  escapees started  trickling in  the summer capital, so were the flees from Badgam in full view of every one, conscious did not stirred, nor gravity of the situation dawned on , despite the fact whole destruction was writ large everywhere. 

After all we are smart and intelligent , since centuries as claimed Shaib ji,  was confident that   Rugah Partap Army , as was called of Maharajas forces, which numbered about 8 battalions  of infantry half of which deserted, guarding border from Lakhanpur to Ladhak would take care.

 Bushan Parimoo
(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website .)
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