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Is there any other instance in the history of world where  historical events so varied in context bear commemoration by a common nomenclature as is the case with Kashmir Day .A Latin American  who

keeps abreast with the affairs of the subcontinent courtesy to the Social media . Inquired about the number of times Kashmir Day is celebrated in one calendar year. Adding any  event  celebrated as a
Day is once in a year on a particular date.

The reason Kashmir Day is celebrated by different section on different dates  which goes at
cross purposes. Further added did   Kashmiri culture has such a traditions for other occasions too.  Cited to January 19, February 5, February 11,  13 July, August 30.  October 24 and how many more it was
asked.  As famous saying that the wife of a poor man is every body’s Bhabi( sister –in-law).So is the case of beautiful valley and its beautiful people. Its beauty mesmerizing beauty fairly good looking
people like   Diamond mines of South Africa is curse to its people. No one wants its welfare but use its to  outrage its modesty to hilt. Every one entices  vale Damsel with various names an allurements Some
call it Yooume Sdhooudah, others Kashmir Day Kashmir Solidarity Day, Kashmir martyrs  Day, Kashmiri Pandit Holocaust/Exodus Day.  Even damsel of silver screen  was named Kashmir Ki Kali to sell the
picture. So once decades back Ashok Parimoo was traveling in a train from Manglore to Madras, in the compartment a hawker was selling Chekoous  like a hot cakes in the name of Kashmir Kaa Chouukous ,Ashok whispered in his ear Chekoous do not grow in Kashmir. Poor boy replied with pleading eyes  in  a hushed voice Dandeey Kaa Maamlaa Hai ji.

Even a MNC selling non sticking wares  in the country put advertisement   in leading magazines about its ware showing Biryani referring  it as Kashmiri Biryani fact is Baryani belongs to Hydrabad.
Absolute truth is which cannot be denied on any account is that no one is serious about Kashmir but to have its  own pound of flesh or use it to brow neat others.  For this writer every day is a Kashmir. Reminds of an incident  while traveling in an SRTC bus from Srinagar to jammu, one autumn of 1987.  Bus at jawaher tunnel was signaled to stop due to one way traffic , at that moment from opposite  were coming. Driver of the bus instead to fall in line went ahead of already waiting for signal vehicles and stop in front of the tunnel. On duty a Border Security Force  personal came up to the driver and asked to fall in line.He did not paid any heed despite repeated request which created a verbal brat and scuffle before matter got worse passengers intervened. What  was  funny driver strated  shouting all kashmiri drives block the road adding Rajiv Gandhi Koou Bullou Kashmir Kaa Faisalaa Aaj Yaehhen Paar Hooga.

Martyrs' Day is observed in Kashmir in remembrance of the people killed on 13 July 1931 by the state forces to control the unruly mob the agitating outside Srinagar jail .Where a Pathan from Peshawar Abdul Qadeer  Khan  a cook to a British was tried on the charge of terrorism and inciting public against the Ruler of Kashmir. M.J. Akbar journalist-cum politician whose mother  was from Kashmir
referred to inciting  speeches of the cook more spices than his cuisine. After the killing by fire  mobs were directed To give went to anger by the organizers riots after Hindus were targeted looted business establishment  torched to the fire. But saner element rescued protected and sheltered the suffers. As Sir Marc Aurel Stein conveyed to his friend on August 9, 1931 “my sympathy is fully with those who have been so wantonly attacked and injured".  And  the  14 th August Muslim organization observed Kashmir  day to mark protest against the firing which resulted in killing the year 1931. Ignoring in that unfortunate incident Minority faced the horrible brunt from their own majority brothers.. Thereafter
from next year 13 July 1932   has been observed every year as Youumey Shoouda ,Mrytyres Day.

Sheikh Mohammadh  Abdullah as Emergency Administrator declared it a State holiday In 1948 which continues till day. On February 5, is a National Holiday in Pakistan  to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day or Kashmir Day,  since 1990 proposed by the Jamat-e- party in Pakistan was adopted to support the movement of the people . Ironically, the Pakistani's seem to have forgotten that they first observed  the day on October 24,1952. Pakistan gave the call to observe the day on October 24. The year was 1952. August 16: Kashmir Martyrs' Day observed throughout Pakistan in 1953.The Communists in Kashmir under the directions of CPI gave the call to observe Kashmir Day on August 30. The year was 1953.

 Following the execution of Maqbool Bhat on February 11, 1984, the separatists in Kashmir observe February 11 as Kashmir Day. post-migration a Kashmiri Pandit organization named Pir Panchal celebrated Kashmir Day "every year in August/ September "with a view to educate the people about the
cultural heritage of Pandits".  Syed Asad Ali in a write up published in the Dawn: February 5, 2016 observe that  Kashmir Day does not mean anything to the average Pakistani As the years passed by, Kashmir’s freedom or its accession to Pakistan appeared a distant dream for most who were fighting for the cause. The Kashmir dispute became an unfortunate mockery whereby various shopkeepers, tired of their defaulting customers, strategically pasted stickers around cash counters captioned “Kashmir ki azaadi tak udhaar bandh hay” (No credit until Kashmir is liberated). Kashmiri cries for freedom turned into our Schadenfraude. (German for feeling of enjoyment which emanates from seeing or hearing about the troubles of others. “Karachi’s mother is getting ravaged every day and you are worried about Kashmir.This writer likes to share  some of the comments in response to an write up appeared in the Dawn the  under caption ,Is pro-Pakistan sentiment in Kashmir still alive?

by  Gowhar Geelani Feb 05, 2016  to form an independent opinion.There is a mixed response from Jammu and Kashmir on February 5 last year . Some say that Kashmir Day is of “great significance” whereas others believe that the observance has been reduced to mere ritual and that Pakistan’s official stance over Kashmir appears to be “wavering.Bashir  Manzar, Editor-in-chief of Srinagar based English daily Kashmir Images, feels Kashmir Solidarity Day is “ritualistic” and meant only to address Pakistan’s domestic constituency. “Honestly speaking, I don’t attach much importance to this ritualistic day. It may be good for the successive Pakistani governments domestically, but Pakistan’s state policy on Kashmir has been as inconsistent as India’s,”  Mudassar  from Pakistan  feels thus As Pakistanis we should focus on improving the situation in Pakistan and life of Pakistanis. We have enough of our own problems to solve.

We are facing an existential threat from extremists. Imagine what we will do with addition of another 12 million population with generally poor education, low skills, poor work ethics and poverty ? It's time
that we understand that a lot of water has gone down the jhelum, chenab and sutlej; and its time to really focus on nation building before it is too late. kkk again from across views Why writer forget one thing that is to gave the view Of real kashmiri called kashmiri pundit.


Fani We are ‘celebrating’ Kashmir Day, while shutting down all economic activities, despite already having fragile & oblivious economy…shutting down all businesses on this particular day means
hefty financial loss…damaging our own economy rather benefiting Kashmiris…what a ‘Nation’ we are….????????

Putho  We just draining our resources in the name of Kashmir and get a bad name world over, let us stop dreaming with our eyes open and spend the resources for education and people's welfare so we can at least
stop children from dying

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 By- Bushan Parimoo


( the author is jammu based Environmentalist)
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