Ashwani Chrungoo raised issue of India's flag hoisting with DGP J & K


Letter by Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo

Shri Dilbagh Singh IPS,
The Director General of Police,

Dear Shri Singh,

It has been observed on 26th October 2020, the Accession Day, that a group of political activists from Kupwara turned up at the historic Lal Chowk, Srinagar with the intent to hoist the National Flag, Tricolour there. As it was a very special day, the day of accession, which has been recognized by the government as a public holiday as well, the hoisting of the national flag was no offence regardless of the place or venue in the Union Territory. The police contingent present in the area not only dissuaded them from doing so but also put the members of the group under detention, which is quite astonishing.
Instead the police present there should have facilitated the flag hoisting and also provided the group the necessary security required on the venue. 
Similarly, a young man who wanted to hoist the national flag atop PDP office at Gandhinagar, Jammu (the complex being a government property) was also badly treated by the police stationed thereat and disallowed him to hoist the flag.

The national flag hoisting by a citizen constitutes not only a national duty but also a fundamental right for any citizen of the country. In case, the police or law enforcing authorities take measures to stop a citizen from hoisting the national flag peacefully anywhere in the Union Territory, it comprises infringing one's rights. The police is duty bound to protect him or her rather stopping the citizen from doing so.

The role of the police in this connection raised stark questions in the changed socio-political context when the police said that it was done to maintain law and order. Does hoisting of the national flag breach law and order in the UT.....? The argument given is not only weak but also absurd.

It is time for the administration to take a clear view in this regard and issue fresh guidelines, otherwise it sends a bad/wrong message which obviously will deserve condemnation by all.

I request that this position may be reviewed keeping in view the situation, arguments and logic in this context.

I am endorsing a copy of this communication also to the Hon'ble LG and the Chief Secretary of the UT as well. Thanks.

With best regards,
Sincerely Yours

Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo,
Senior BJP and Kashmiri Pandit leader,
Incharge: Deptt of Political Affairs and Feedback, J&K-BJP,
Author & Columnist 

Phone: 9419141214
Copy to IGP:
Kashmir, Jammu

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