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Today let us remember Prem Behari Narain Raizada who has the distinction of writing the the first copy of the constitution in English & Hindi using his expertise in calligraphy style...

(The constitution was printed later at Dehradun under the supervision of Survey General of India ( Source: PRS, New Delhi)

It runs into 119369 pages - one of the longest in the world.

We also need to acknowledge the artists from Shantiniketan who were tasked to decorate and beautify each page.

During the constituent assembly debates six members spoke more than one lakh words.

Surprisingly the list neither include Rajendar Prasad, Nehru and Patel.
Top honour goes to B R Ambedkar who spoke maximum words 2,67,544 , followed by H.V.Kamath (1,88,749 ), Naziruddin Ahmad ( 145,645), K.T.Shah (121,825), Shibban Lal Saksena ( 1,14,264) and Thakur Das Bhargava(103,775)
(Source: PRS India, New Delhi).

Allahabad born H.N.Kunzru (1887-1978) whom I had the privilege of meeting several times as a student in 1973-1975 when he was President of Indian Council of World Affairs - spoke 69158 words.

Analysis of the debates reveal that Fundamental Rights took the maximum time followed by Directive Principles and Citizenship.
Most acrimonious debate took place when language issue came up with Rajendar Prasad and P D Tandon and many others on one side and Rajaji and T T Krishnamachari ... in favour of English.

Reservation for SC/ST too saw heated discussion with Ambedkar and Jaipal Munda leading from the front.

Jaipal Singh Munda when speaking first time in the Constituent Assembly said:” As a jungli, as an Adivasi,I am not expected to understand legal intricacies but my common sense tells that every one of us should march in that road to freedom and fight together.Sir, if there is any group of Indian people that has been shabbily treated it is my people. ...” (Read my detailed article cum book review on Jaipal Singh Munda in Daily Excelsior : May 31,2020)

The first Republic Day parade took place in what in Irwin Amphitheater- now known as Dhyan Chand Stadium. President Sukarno of Indonesia was the Chief Guest.

By - Ashok Ogra
Media Personality

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