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During Indian mobile congress Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance announced that Jio  will launch its 5G network in the second half of 2021. That's fantastic.  And a few days back during the testing with Qualcomm, the speed of 5G network was detected as 1gbps which is another fantastic fact.  You might be excited but not me. Why?  

Today we will not talk about products. Today I'll only speak the uncomfortable truth. First of let's talk about facts. According to the director of COAI Rajan Matthews,  it will take 5 years for India to get authentic 5G network.  The main reason behind this is the 7.5 Lakh crore loan on the telecom operators. Fact 2- 5G spectrum hasn't been auctioned in India yet.  First there will be auction, then tenders will be distributed and then network operators  will decide which service provider will they contract with to put on 5G towers, and this entire process will definitely take some time. 

Network hasn't come yet but still we're talking about 5G speed because people  have started purchasing 5G smart phones with sub 6 GHz FR1 band which is capable to give 400mbps speed on 5G network.  Will you get 400mbps speed after once the 5G network comes? I really don't think so.  There won't be a slightest improvement in 4G speed even after 5G arrives.  I am saying so because India's 4G speed which is less than 12 mbps as tested by Ookla.  On an average people use 12 mbps speed when they use internet. Have you even seen 50 mbps speed on your 4G network?  

Another fact states that among 138 countries India ranks on 129 when we talk about 4G speed. Now let's talk about 5G network. 5G network is broadly divided into 2 parts- Sub 6GHz and Millimeter wave. Millimeter wave technology gives up to 1gbps speed on mobile provided your phone supports this technology.  But the problem is the infrastructure cost. One antenna costs in Crores with maximum 800m range.  Imagine many antennas can will be installed within every 800m. So will we not be able to see Millimeter wave technology in India? 

ISP's will install Millimeter Wave antennas soon and showcase their maximum internet speed but that's a  speculation because not everything said and shown is accurate. How will 5G towers be setup when ISP's neither have the space nor funds.  Right now the 4G Unlimited plans of almost every network provider costs INR300 to INR400 per month and according to  Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal, the costs of 4G plans will double in the next quarter; yes the COST will be doubled not the SPEED.  It is because network providers do not earn profit at this rate. Data in India is cheap.  

There is no improvement in 4G network because network operators lack funds to improve infrastructure.  Did we divert from the topic? We were talking about the latest upcoming 5G technology so let's get back to it. iPhone 12 series which launched in India, presumably the most expensive smartphone  and it must have all the 5G features in it including Millimeter wave but unfortunately none of its models have even a single MM band. But it has all the bands in the US version. This means that even Apple thinks it is useless to provide any MM band.  But do buy 5G phone. Maybe network must be good. What is the difference between 4G phone and 5G phone? 

Well, it is just for our mental satisfaction for which we pay huge costs for 5G modems.  Let’s assume that in upcoming 3 years we will have 5G networks and by buying 5G phones we have prepared ourselves.  Now think that will you be using the same phone for the next 3 years? Do tell me in the comment section.  

- Rama Deepak
  M.A. Hindi 
  M.A. Mass Communication

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