Covid 19 Vaccines Of India That Is Covid Shield And Covaxian Side Effects || Rama Deepak || LIVE IMAGE

Covid 19 Vaccines Of India That Is Covid Shield  And Covaxian Side Effects || Rama Deepak || LIVE IMAGE

Today we will discuss about covid 19 vaccines of India that is covid shield  and covaxian side effects and here i am going to give you the guide to the list of possible  side effects of these two vaccines. India has entered the second phase of its vaccination drive which is two made in India vaccines covishield and covaxin against the corona virus disease and the government has said both the vaccines are extremely safe but there are some associated side effects as with any other vaccine the Indian council of medical research that is ICMR and barth biotic announced that phase 3 results of coaxing developed by them   have shown an interim vaccine efficacy of 81 percent in preventing covid 19 and dubbed it as an important milestone in vaccine discovery.

The companies had   also put out the list of the possible side effects on their perspective websites   (you can go through the websites and check it in detail) remember a very important point here   those who have any history of allergies fever may be due to any other cause bleeding disorder or   if the patients are under blood thinners or if the patients are immune compromised  or on the medicine that affects the immune system and the patient who are pregnant or anyone who are on breastfeeding or any of the individuals suffering from serious health related issues as determined by the vaccinator or officers supervising the vaccination must not take COVAXIN people who have taken other anti-code vaccines also should not take COVAXIN this is what is explained by the company as well as ICMR itself. 

Now we will list out   the side effects of the covaxin and covishields separately and first i will list out the side   effects of the COVAXIN the mild side effect of the vaccine include pain at the site of the injection   and there will be a mild kind of swelling at the side of the injection   and there might be a redness and itching and stiffness at the injection site especially in the left upper arm and also some of the individuals may find weakness in the injection arm and people may could experience body ache headache fever malaise weakness generalized weakness or some individuals may also experience some kind of rashes, nausea and vomiting so these are all the very mild and possible effects one could get after taking COVAXIN but these are not at all serious side effects and these are a pretty common side effects which can be seen in almost all the individuals after taking the vaccine. And the company said that there is a slim chance that the vaccine causes a serial allergic reaction that is the reason it is very important for every individual to tell the vaccinator or the supervisor about the previous allergies you have   with the drugs or with any other potential chemicals and signs of severe adverse event include difficulty in breathing, Swelling of the face and throat, Faster heartbeat and very minute individuals may get rashes all over the body and some of the individuals may also experience dizziness and weakness so these are all the possible side effects one could get from COVAXIN And who should not take COVISHIELD this is very important which means what are the side effects and who should not take this .

Later we will talk about what are the side effects of the COVISHIELD also. Serum institute of India's fact sheet said one should not get COVISHEILD vaccine if the person had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of this vaccine like bharat biotech and serum institute of India fact sheet also says that if a person is pregnant or plans to become pregnant or if an individual is breastfeeding she should tell the health care provider before taking the job. 

People who have taken another anti-covet vaccine should not take COVISHIELD and the ingredients of the COVISHIELD vaccine or L-histidine, L-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate and polysorbate 80 ethanol, sucrose, sodium chloride, EDTA. So all these are the contents what we can find in this vaccine and the water for injection if pointed out and now we will list out what are the side effects of the COVISHIELD. some of the very common side effects of this vaccine are tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling or bruising at the site of the injection same like co-vaccine and majority of the people may experience they say that generally feeling unwell and people may also experience chills or feeling feverish headache or joint takes for first two days after getting vaccinated and remember the point that the COVISHIELD is made by the serum institute of India and COVAXIN is manufactured by the Bharat Biotic and after taking two of the vaccines or any of the vaccine   some people may take COVAXIN and some people make a COVISHIELD. 

So I'm not recommending any of you   to take a particular type of the vaccine whatever the vaccine which is available   at your nearby hospitals or at the government center or by the vaccinator you have to take   that vaccine we cannot clearly say that which is more effective right so COVISHIELD and COVAXIN   whatever may be the vaccine which is available nearby you you have to take it   but if you experience any of the such serious side effects call your health care provider immediately and just do not go away with whatever the serious side effects you have and don't take it light also in addition you can also report your side effects after vaccination to serum institute of India private limited who is the manufacturer of the COVISHIELD vaccine and 24x7 call center toll free is also available with these guys and the number you can see on the screen as informed by the serum institute of India. So these are all the possible side effects what you can get after taking the COVISHIELD or COVAXIN guys but these side effects are pretty common and seen in 95 percent of the cases and the side effects are very mild and moderate only less than one to two percent of the cases with the previous co-morbid conditions or previous severe allergic reactions or maybe if the patients are under cancer treatment or immunocompromised individuals for these individuals only serious side effects can be seen but they are not life threatening at all.

So remember to prevent the COVID 19 and coronavirus pandemic in India to prevent the third phase or fourth phase of the COVID 19 it is important for each and every individual to get vaccinated whatever may be the vaccine which is available nearby your center, thank you so much.

Rama Deepak
  M.A. Mass Communication
  M.A. Hindi 

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