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one hundred and twelve years ago on the 5th of December 1905, Satisar soil gave birth two great personalities on the same day, from the same seed of kashmiri in Srinagar. They left indelible mark of blood on the history of Kashmir. Were instrumental in leaving behind State bleeding for times to come. One of them is known as Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah was accorded the title of Sher-i-Kashmir by his followers .The other is Pandit Prem Nath Bazaz. Both started their career with a humble way one as school teacher and other a clerk in irrigation department .Remained comrade for some time. Though Bazaz had been progressive in his thought and deeds had to pay a heavy price even in starvation never compromised. While as Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah was all the time wavering waxing and waning like a moon but always had lust for power in his heart. Before Glancy Commission Prem Nath Bazaz represented the Kashmir Pandit community.

Instead toeing the parochial line for community interests pleaded for justice to all with emphasis to underprivileged majority community. Though what he said then has been carried in letter and spirit now but at that time his community was aghast and at rage. He was smeared with human faces all over his face even thrust in to his mouth by one Madsudhan popularly known as Madir Tazaaeeb of Ganpatyar for his short temper, because he differed with his views. P.N.Bazaz was forced to shift from his ancestral house at Sathooo to Abiguzar near Tyndale Bisco School Amirakadal, But stood firm to his ideology. While as Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah had a grouse which ushered him in to the movement of revolt. He and Hans Raj Nanda both did their Masters in Chemistry while Hans Raj was given job as lecturer, Shiekh Sahab was appointed a teacher in Middle School Dilawar Khan Srinagar. Some are of the view though he was lower in rank but as from underprivileged society expected preference . He was introduced by the Ashai as one who has a sweet voice and to start any public meeting by reciting the holy verse to drive home it is a cause in the name of Allah.

This tradition is still being carried by Kashmir based parties. Friendship went ahead in publication of Urdu newspaper Hamdadh which went to print from 1935 as a weekly and later published as daily from 1939 onwards under the editorship Nandlal ji Wattal .This partnership between them ceased in 1942 despite that Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah continued to come to the office of the Newspaper located at Lal chowk Sh P.N.Bazaz was brain behind to bail out Sheikh Mohhamad Abdullah by helping him to form National Conference, from Muslim conference. Where he was uncomfortable as Muslims of jammu who were well read bred and person of substance did not allow to have his writ run in the party. Choudhary Ghulam Abbas used to taunt him to slight and cut him to size that he is mere Muslim leader of Khannabal to Khadanyar, In 1939 at Annatnag a convention of Muslim Conference was held in which a resolution was passed that hence forth Muslim Conference will be called National Conference ( NC ) in the larger interests of the struggle against Maharaja.

Doors were opened for the Non Muslims and were invited to join a secular party which will fight for the rights of all irrespective of caste creed colour or faith. Though Muslim leaders from Jammu under the leadership of Chaudry Ghulam Abbas also voted for the conversion yet they had some reservations. Progressive Kashmiri Pandits like Pt. Sham Lal Saraf, D P Dhar, Sh. Kashyap Bandhu Bulbul , despite earning the wrath of the community joined NC and took active part against the Dogra Rule.In the meantime Sheikh thought that Bazaz being more intelligent than him might steal a march on him. A conspiracy was hatched and Bazaz was eased out of National Conference.

Bazaz did not take it lying down and formed Kisan Mazdoor Party. Fate separated them, for the unfortunate future of Kashmir, on diametrically opposite directions. Josef Korbel writes: " In fact, the leadership of the Indian National Congress was permeated with ideas close to Abdullah's heart". To advance these ideas he and a Kashmiri Brahmin Prem Nath Bazaz founded in 1935 a weekly Hamdard in which he advocated for admission of Sikhs and Hindus into Muslim Conference. Abdullah subsequently became President of All India States Peoples Congress. And it was Pandit Bazaz who introduced him to Pandit Nehru. According to Korbel All Jammu & Kashmir National Conference was founded in June 1939 with G.M Sadiq as its first President .Shiekh Mohammadh Abdullah in Atishe Chinar says, he met Nehru for the first time in 1937 when the latter was on way to NWFP. At Nehru's request he accompanied him and there met Badshah Khan also. He further says it was Nehru who advised him to throw open the membership of Muslim Conference to every community. He further says that Dr Mohammed Iqbal too had advised him the same in 1937.

According to Abdullah Budh Singh was elected as the President of NC in September 1940 and re-elected in 1941 in Srinagar where Badshah Khan was invited as the Chief Guest.

After 1941 three sets of opinion emerged regarding the fate of Jammu & Kashmir. (A) Maulana Mir Waiz Mohd. Yusuf Shah who was till then under the wings of Sheikh Abdullah fell out. Muslim League under Mr. Jinnah threw their weight in support of Yusuf Shah, and Maulana openly advocated the integration of J&K with Pakistan. He had die hard supporters from the down town city and the conservative clerics. Jinnah happened to come to Srinagar and openly addressed the Mir Waiz and his supporters and asked them to work for the integration with Pakistan.To rub the salt on Sheikh he termed the NC National Conference Movement as "Goonda Movement ".

This irritated the Sheikh a lot and while Jinnah was returning to Rawalpandi , he got his car "Stoned " at Baramulla under the aegis of Mubarak Shah( Who later on became a Minister in Sheikh's cabinet). Jinnah a highly mercuric temperamental person reaching Lahore said that when the J&K will be part of Pakistan, Sheikh will find himself behind the bars(B) By now Sheikh had fallen between the proverbial two stools ------- between Mirwaiz for Pakistan & Prem Nath Bazaz for Independent kashmir.He was left with no option but to seek integration with India. Because the offer to Jinnah through his five member emissaries led by Baikshi Ghulam Mohamad along with Gh Mohammed Sadiq to ceded to Pakistan on his terms was out rightly rejected. Back home Baikshi and Sadiq cautioned him for hasty decision. When found him adamant Sadiq youngest cabinet minister again cautioned him not to change stand from now on. Which he did at number of times .

It is a recorded fact that when raiders attacked the state Sheikh Abdullah lost no time to shift his family to Indore. (C) The third option as advocated by Bazaz was for Independent State . His party Kisan Mazdoor Party was also a force to reckon. It had the support of educated and progressive elements of the state. The one who professed the faith on which

Pakistan was formed pleaded the case for India, legitimating the instrument of accession in united Security council , disclaiming vociferously the contention of Pakistan about its validity While as Pandit Prem Nath Bazaz , challenged and opposed tooth and nail induction of Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah , as emergency Administrator and accession. He had to pay dearly to oppose Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. An attempt on his life was made near Directorate of Animal Husbandry Amira Kadal had a miraculous escape. After that was imprisoned and lodged in Kathua jail where Allah Rakha Sagar a prominent Jammu leader was under arrest . From t there served exile order upon him escorted up to Pathankote with ten rupee note tucked in his pocket for onward journey.

Banished to enter the State. And Allah Rakha Sagar was pushed to Pakistan against his wishes. P.N.Bazaz was never forgiven by Sheikh Shaib which can be judged by that when he made an request to him in 1978 to allot him a piece of land in Srinager for a dwelling to spend his last days on the soil of his mother land but was categorically refused as he dreaded him P.N.Bazaz was more popular in Pakistan and on the other side of the fence. Atal ji though leader of immense beside PM could not match him in this regard. Irony is while Bazaz shaib was denied his ashes to be within his the soil Sheik shaib though found place there is under24/7 security protection and he may be in constant dread, lest may some may succeed one dig him out from his resting place and dishonoured by very those whom he liberated from the yokes of slavery, Bazaz Sahab has been altogether forgotten by his so called Pakistani leaders and secessionist friends. But still find place in references. It requires mention that here in 1975 Shiekh Mohd. Abdullah made u turn under Indira-Sheikh accord

The accord was signed on behalf of Abdullah by Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg and on behalf of the Indian government (headed by Prime Minister Gandhi) by G. Parthasarathy on 24 February 1975 in New Delhi and converted Plebiscite Party in to National Concerence. All Jammu and Kashmir National Conference after two years got deleted All Jammu and Kashmir, just National Conference which speaks intensions of Kashmir lobby unification is not in their agenda. Needless to add the birthday of Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah which is being celebrated on 5th of December was started by Bazaz shaib, killing two birds with one stone, as it was birthday for both of them, what a coincidence. Evidently the maize of History is so much twisted that it is impossible for ordinary people like me to know even casual ' facts' leave alone "truth".In my view all history of Kashmir is deception galore and the real cause of the amputation the Paradise suffered in 1947.

(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website.)

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 By- Bushan Parimoo 


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