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An open letter to all concerned


Dear All,


First of all, let me express my thanks and gratitude to all of you who prayed for me in the most critical time of my life and brought me back to life again.

There is no doubt that God and good wishes brought me back to life and I am once again one with you on my mission, as usual.

It may take me sometime more to be equal to the task that I have adopted for my life, since I feel a lot of weakness within. Anyway, with your blessings, I am sure, things will be better everyday.......Tathastu......!

Some months ago, Sunil Fotedar ji came out with the headmaster's report card regarding financial help to the "poor Kashmiri Pandits" in India by KOA. It was seriously objected to by many of our friends, colleagues and comrades in arms. The language and tone and tenor of the report card suggested that the "masters" were angry and upset with the "subjects" since the masters had also a limit to help....?

Thereafter, some more disgusting debate took over the issue, and I was privetely contacted by a number of patrons expressing their anguish over the debate and particularly the language used in the communication. They desired that I should jump in and make an appeal for a calm and sensible response. But I thought that time is the biggest healer and guru, and may good sense prevail upon all, let me not intervene. 

After my undergoing the most horrible test of my life over the last one and a half month due to the Covid19 and related severe lungs infection coupled with critical condition in the hospital, I expected positive environment all around me. With the blessings of Mata Sharika, the same thing happened, and it delighted me, rather helped me to come out of the morass and the psychological trauma of the disease at a rapid speed.

However, the ghost of "KOA fundings to the poor Indian Kashmiri Pandits" rose again from the grave to play its role to make it sure that every Kashmiri Pandit in India pledges to give an "undertaking" henceforth not to ask for any sort of help from the elite American and rich Kashmiri Pandits in North America. In fact, they need first to clear the last debts of the three decades of "intense and out of way help"......?

Most of the settlers in US and Canada post 1995 are also, as a matter of fact the beneficiaries of the "KOA doles" and I would request them to finish their dues since they are also now a part of the "elite and rich Diaspora" in America who can afford to do that.

I had a profound experience last year during our project of "Nar Seva-Narayan Seva" of organising a huge humanitarian programme for migrant labour class, displaced people, and also some deserving cases within the community. We collected and distributed help and assistance to the tune of Rs. 30 lakh in kind and cash from March 2020 to March 2021. But yes, we also received around Rs. 50,000 from overseas as well which formed part of the Rs. 30 lakh project. I acknowledge the help with gratitude.

Next, I started an exercise while on my bed at my home, to determine the amount that I was instrumental in spending for the socio-political-humanitarian cause all these thirty two years for the community.  My calculations suggest that I might have spend two crores of rupees all these years out of which not more than five lakhs of rupees, we received from overseas KPs. Every other penny was raised from the "poor Kashmiri Pandits in India" and also from our non-KP friends living in India.

While being on bed for the last around two months now, I appealed for funds to my nears and dears, for help during the Covid19 situation second wave, we got around four lakh of rupees from our "poor KPs and other friends" living in various parts of India. Besides, helping some getting admissions in hospitals, getting medical aids and medicines for them, organising doctors advices, we purchased one Oxygen Concentrator especially for the Volunteers-in-distress for Rs. 85,000. It will be always available for the Volunteers in need. We have also revived HELP HEALTH project in this context and created a youth based 10-member team for the project.

I am highly thankful to KPV, YAIKS and the GKPD and also to Kamal Bagati Ji for providing us three oxygen concentrators and one oxygen cylinder at our home during our critical period that were instrumental in giving us a lease of life. The KOA help to KPV, YAIKS and GKPD is a known fact and remarkable too.

To cut the long story short, the disgusting mails regarding this "financial aid and help to the needy and POOR Kashmiri Pandits in India" need a full stop for all practical purposes. Enough is enough and overdoing is tantamount to putting the good work into the drain.

I wish my prayers and dreams come true and good sense prevails, let us put a stop to this all, it is sensible as well as worthy of it. Too much is always bad and irritating please. Moreover, we are always a family like, let us enjoy being so than always putting fingers on our calculators. Money, after all, we consider, as the dirt of hands. 

Mata Sharika bless us all......!

Om Swasti Astu......!!


Best Regards,


-Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo 

  Once again among you all...... 




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