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My dear Jeevan ji,Namaskar Your latest mail endorsing KOA’s fact-file of monetary assistance it has rendered to the KP community in India past these 31 years is an eye opener. For me, you are like Sanjay of the Mahabharata. These thoughts take me to our early days of youth we spent together in Jammu. Not many may know that we are tied by  admiration for each other through family relations, yet our respective destinies have taken us to different courses in life. Your journey from the banks of River Tawi in Jammu  to those of Hudson and Potomac  in the US,  ia Naseem Bagh where, since then, you have anchored yourself to serve the community while pursuing  your own career as a construction engineer and real estate consultant is an example that may hardly have any equals in the community. Like you, serving the community has been and still is my calling too. While you have clothed it by apolitical pursuits, mine are open through political means. I do not know how many readers in this forum are aware that I have been active in direct party politics of Jammu & Kashmir for long four decades and, therefore, have some idea of community matters particularly those of the post migration decades.

You may grant me the allowance ,since I have lived entirely in Jammu and continue to be living there, unlike you,  that I have a more clear and direct view  of the community’s social and political dynamics than you may have living so far away from the actual ground. From this consideration, a few vital questions come to my mind that  need more clarity on KOA’s fact-file you have placed before the community.

The amount of monetary donations made by KOA to several India based KP organizations need their public acknowledgement of the help received. The individual beneficiaries of these monetary help must be made public. Otherwise it appears self endorsement by vested individuals within KOA.

The proud list of 200 odd KOA donors, mainly responsible for having donated for the community cause in India,  must be made public.

Going by the thumb rule, from the total monetary help extended by KOA to the community in India in these three decades, the  per capita share of individual beneficiary in the community in India adds to less than 1500 Rupees which amounts to less than 5 Rupees a month spread over 31 years. One wonders at this miracle of KOA.

Going through the summary of the KOA’s funding to the community in India gives an overall impression that but for it the fate of the community would have been worse than it is.

The whole document stinks with a display of arrogance to show the community in India as a wretched lot that does not muster its self help endeavours but instead looks towards KOA for doles.Undermining community organizations in India is unhealthy and unpalatable. Big brother attitude of KOA is not in the interest of the community. No one should think that the community is at the mercy of KOA. 

Kashmir belongs to those who still lie in kashmir whom we deserted at the hour of need, and are in lurch still, years ack Sh Vijay Dhar sb saw with his own eyes touring length and breadth of valley, thought bugiing pockets with dollars , may bring solace to them , from ashes as said phoenix arise, we quote jews, Parsees,  Siks proed etter than us.

As a responsible community member, I, through you, seek KOA’s clarifications on these vital questions.

With love still intense as was baptised years back.

profound admiration.

 yours sincerely

Bhushan Parimoo, for other to you as veerji

 By- Bushan Parimoo
(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website .)
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