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Respected Zutshi Sahab,

When much water has flown down the TAWI & HUDSON RIVER , I may have  confused you  being the President of KOA. I again repeat that Late Sh. Kaul , asked me to write to you for financial assistance so that assistance could be increased from Rs. 2500.00. You replied back that you are ready to finance the programme provided you keep THE LOGO OF KOA BEHIND AT THE TIME OF DISTRIBUTION OF CHEQUES. WE ACCEPTED THAT DEMAND. Then you sent another letter asking us to send the list of students who have to be financially assisted. We sent that list.  The list was prepared by the joint efforts of Migrant school Principals , camp volunteers  and SOS Villages of India.  

Let me inform you that during the identification of the students your childhood friend and relation Sh. Bushan Parimoo was present several times. At that time it was hotly rumoured in the Migrant camps that KP community from the U.S. is sending bagfuls of money for the migrants.

You have denied you don't have any knowledge of such correspondence , SOS Children's villages still exist in India with hundreds of workers. I was not corresponding with you on a personal level. Your letters will still be there if we search the records of SOS. Despite you not sending any financial support we continued with our programme. Several functions were held in the leading auditorium of Jammu . Our Chief guests included State Governor and cabinet Ministers. Your friend and relative Sh. BUSHAN PARIMOO was present at such functions. More than 1200 students were provided this financial assistance . It is not only you , while we approached AIKS TRUST  it was the same story.

What SOS did for Migrant children under the leadership of Late Sh. J N KAUL , was done in open BROAD DAY LIGHT  , not in DARK. No cash changed hands.

Respected Zutshi Sahab , i am not in blame game . My attempt is to keep the records STRAIGHT.

There will be no further correspondence on this issue. It is a closed chapter.

Prayers for your excellent health.



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- Reply by Ramesh Manvati to V K WATTAL                    

Respected Sh. Wattal Sb.,


It is after 'decades' I find a mail from you in my mail box. Am grateful for your kind remembrance.

I have nothing special to add on the issue of concern that has caught eye of our brethren particularly, the members of kashmir-interchange family in recent days, once again.

However, I must not shy in acknowledging, with gratitude, the appreciable contributions (including the monetary) of our overseas brethren during last three decades plus made towards welfare of their brethren scattered here in India especially in Jammu following the forced exile of 1989/’90.

In all humility, it would not be an exaggeration to mention that every Kashmiri Pandit, irrespective of his geographical locations,is a born ‘philanthropist’ by his Sanskaaras. In this regard, our illustrious elders would always emphasize, “left hand must not know, what our right hand does /or has done”.

I conclude with a popular Kashmiri saying - ”panenni hacchi chhe bhah tracchi”.


…………………Orzuv !

  Please keep on educating us through your musings.


                                              - Reply by Bushan Parimoo to Ramesh Manvati 

Dear Vijay ji , Ayushman Bhava. you have stretch my relation with Jeevan ji ,  which is a fact and shall stay  till last breath,far beyond  the limits,  in the matters of KOA,he is   my relation as you are by default my friend, .In both cases we have shared many sweet and sour  events most of time together and those memories  bind us steady fast.i cherish tose because of  both of you, at different times and context  neither complementary or supplementary to each other.

What i feel i have been inadvertently brought and sucked into the vortex of sinister design, no one except me is responsible for it and has to ear pain it gaves me.. 

President KOA Archana Kokroo  as someone shared her views with  has aptly described

KOA is not one person and cannot be judged by the responses of a few .We are an organization which has proven its track record again and again .We consider it a duty to come to the assistance of our community in India .These are our families ,our parents ,brothers and sisters and to think of the help we extend as aid or assistance is an insult to all of us .

 Now as regards Jeevan ji, his  Kashmir Interchange has  kept abreast 24/7  without fail  the  news, views, events,  concerning the KP world  over in a free and fair manner presented as received, since day one over the decades now .At  unmatched feat indeed subjected to correction.Through his efforts diaspora is knowing every aspect  of it what concerns us in its minutest details , it is however the other matter how one takes it.I am grateful despite at times agree or disagree, he acts as already said  Sanjay of Mahabarat  to us.              

It reminds me of an often quoted    example very apt and in our genes, Hoodoou  Gayoouy aakoouy        Moound, last morsel was not to the taste to relish as such the whole feast was a nasty affair.

KOA has been doing the job as it deems fit it,  it should not wash its dirty linen in public, and express its action as an act of pity.

Jeevan ji  has been rendering  his services despite the pain he carriers which touch us to, with the Last Smile, still he carry his mission,please don't lose sight of,

KOA has been let down by  the organisations whom  it has  trusted ,  as a person on the ground in jammu feel much has been  left to be  desired , hastily adding it is its own business, you can lead a cow to water ,drinking is her business.At the same time it should have been its bonafide duty to verify and recheck , where donors money is going and utilised.

In the end not the least, I  render my ququalifed apologies to rack up the issue though in good faith but it created much pain the way it has been responded to and hijacked .


Bhushan Parimoo 

 By- Bushan Parimoo
(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website .)

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