KAK AND KAKNI PARTY - on 24 June 2021 || by Vijay Wattal || LIVE IMAGE

When the news of Prime Minister meeting the political leaders of Jammu & Kashmir  was made official, i experienced a strange sensation.I started thinking loudly which was enough to make mrs wattal to sit up with worried looks.I put her worries at rest by conveying that P M is meeting political leaders of J&K on June ,24, at his residence .Pat came her reply but why are you panicky. I replied that since i am President of a party , I will be invited . This made her eyes  wide open with disbelief , nostrils became a little wider and her lower jaw lowered . With a sarcastic voice she said when this party was formed. Clearing my throat I conveyed that some time back i had brought a letter head  with my name , address, mobile number and mail ID together with my designation as President.

The name of the party is KAK & KAKNI PARTY. Not satisfied with my reply she said that KAK AND KAKNI were my grand parents , how could they become the name of the party. " You are right" ---- our community has huge number of parties ---- rather i may say that each family of the community is a party in itself. These parties have used all the alphabets of the English language to name their parties. So I chose the name of KAK &KAKNI , with the advantage no body will use such name and COPY RIGHT WILL BE TOTALLY WITH ME. Reluctantly she nodded to the acceptance of my reply.  

The next exercise was to open my wardrobe for selection of clothes to be worn on the D day. After a pause i pulled out a Silken Kurta , Aligarhi type white Pajyama  and a silken waist coat.  

In the  meantime Mrs. Wattal had conveyed the news to my fierce critics ------ Sh.Bushan  Parimoo and Sh.S.N. Pandita .Their and my ideologies are poles apart like the two banks of a river who never meet.Keeping their ideologies apart  they gently suggested that though the chances of me being invited by the P M are remote rather NIL , I should not go. They reminded me what I had told them about the fate Late Sh. Prem Nath Bazaz had met when he was invited as the representative of the community by the GLENCY COMMISSION during Maharajas regime.

Because of limited print media those days it had become a local issue only. But now with the vast number of print and electronic media you will become national champion of receiving abuses from the community. Drunk with the idea of being invited by the P M,I brushed aside their suggestion  as an expression of their jealousy and heart burning. I was expecting a Car to come from the PMO to take me to 7 LKMO-- venue of the meeting. But I was not taking any chances. I contacted OLA and UBER  with the instructions  that I may need their services at short notice on June, 24.

With each day passing and nearing June , 24, my B P was fluctuating , the Oxygen level was lowering , the appetite was loosing, my ears were towards the door of my flat.Come June , 23 I became restless and frustrated. I glued myself to the parapet of my veranda in blazing sun watching the bike borne delivery boys . Alas , none stopped at my flat. 

Mrs. Wattal, who had become frustrated because of my actions was giving me a sarcastic smiling looks which was enough to drive me to depression. It was being compounded by the continued ringing of phones from the two Taxi services.  In desperation I told Mrs. Wattal to tell the callers "Iam in wash room".It is presumed the Taxi service  must have called several times and every time Mrs. wattal must have repeated the same thing. 

This led to caller .to say politely the long stay in wash room is indicative of strong constipation  for which Mr. Wattal Should consult a Doctor .


By - V . K WATTAL  

(The writer is NCR/UP based and a regular contributor to this Website .) 

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