MAHARAJA ON RAMPAGE Hon'ble Dr. Karan Singh || By V.K. Wattal || LIVE IMAGE


Some days back you issued a statement as the sole trustee of DHARMARTH TRUST  asking the Kashmiri Pandit Community " to keep off from temples in the valley which are managed by the Trust. Sir, you were within your rights to issue a statement.

Sir, you were born and brought up in the J&K state where you have occupied high constitutional posts being SADAR -I -RIYASAT and then GOvernor .People in both the divisions have given you a lot of respect for being honest, sincere and transparent. Shifting to centre you have been cabinet minister heading various important ministries. Till date you have more than seven decades of political and administrative experience. It is a record in itself. 

The language and tone of the statement was aggressive and not a civilised one .People who  have known you and have been close to you could not believe that the statement has come from you. The statement was addressed to the community and not to an individual. The community peaceful, educated and civilised since centuries who have withstood the tyranny of Afghan and Muslim rulers.The community being highly educated as compared to the communities in both the divisions of the state imparted education by going to the far flung areas of the state.

The readers are informed that Dr. Karan Singh was taught by the Kashmiri Pandit teachers namely Prof. P N Chaku, Pt. Jagan Nath Dulloo ( RAINAWARI). Not only education they have been pioneers in giving shape to health, revenue, administration , police departments what they are today. The glaring example is that of Dewan Nand Ram Tiku, whose financial  expertise and management of FInance was appreciated and respected by the tyrant Afghan rulers who ultimately sent him to Kabul where he rose to be the Finance Minister.

History has witnessed that there always have been some people who were over ambitious and wanted to achieve them by taking short cuts. With due apologies and respect this writer may cite your example. When CONGRESS under the leadership of Mrs. Gandhi  was routed all over the country  most of the politicians which included you thought that CONGRESS has been buried and changed loyalties overnight. 

You were rewarded by being appointed as the Cabinet Minister. You gave evidence in the SHAH Commission against Mrs. Gandhi whose family had given you status when you needed  it most. But you were proved wrong in the 1980 elections. Mrs. Gandhi never forgave you in her lifetime and were rehabilitated back during Rajiv Gandhi's time.

Similarly there are some over ambitious people in KP community and they should not mean the whole community. They had not taken the control of the temples managed by Dharmarth Trust which prompted you to issue a statement whose language left much to desire. Sir,the diaspora of the community is  more than 3 decades old but you have never  uttered a word for their problems they have encountered nor has the Dharmarth trust extended any help to them. Despite that the community has withstood the test of the time. The terrorists threw a challenge which they accepted  and converted it into an opportunity. 


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The writer is NCR/UP based and a regular contributor to this Website.

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