Self claim Kashmiri Nationalist and their progress after many decades || By Javed Inayat || LIVE IMAGE

There are some self claim Kashmiri nationalist in Pakistani side of Jammu Kashmir region. They have been badly failed to convince people of this region what they have been demanding is correct approach. This region of 4 million population has more than dozen nationalist parties . 

This region is ethnically, culturally, historically, geographically linguistically part of Jammu state but its so called nationalist parties are demanding their reunification with Kashmiri speaking region of Valley. Even though Kashmiri speaking valley based political movement never been indicated they are going to accept them as fellow Kashmiris.

Almost all political groups opposing Amritsar treaty and consider that Ghulab Singh had done worse trading and occupied Kashmir Valley. It is very hard to understand the logic of these political groups why they want to do the same thing again which was done by Ghulab Singh by uniting all regions under one country. If that act of establishing Jammu Kashmir state is being considered worse in history of Kashmir Valley, what is logic of doing it again. 

The state had established by Ghulab Singh in 16th march 1846 was ended in 1947 and distributed between three neighboring countries, India, Pakistan and China. It is great surprise that AJK nationalist demanding same territory of Ghulab Singh state but in a same breath they consider it a worse thing also. 

If you consider Amritsar treaty an act of trading human being, uniting all regions under one kingdom was crime but in second breath want to do similar act. What is that all about? It is the main reason these groups have been active since decades but no one is taker of their foolish idea among masses. these groups are still very smaller and marginalized in AJK area. 

These groups never talk about the problems local people have been facing nor they have any concern about their living conditions. There utopia is very similar to that of religious Jihadi groups. These groups have no roots in local culture, history, people nor they ever linked their movement with local social, political, economic and cultural issues. 

They have memorized few political statements and dialogues, when ever they need them keep repeating them accordingly. Most of them are not even secular which is basic requirement of any nationalist movement. It is second reason their idea has not taken seriously in other divided regions of the state.

 By - Javed Inayat

From - Pakistan OccupiedKashmir

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