Power Game Is Over In Afghanistan By Taliban || By Javed Inayat || LIVE IMAGE

Talibans have captured the Kabul . It seems like the power game is over in Afghanistan but it is hard to predict right now as this hard battle has been going on since last 20 years between Taliban fighters and American and Nato forces. 

American installed Ashraf Ghani Government has collapsed this morning when Taliban fighters have entered in to Capital city Kabul. Three Trillion Dollars have been spent by American government to defeat Taliban wirh the help of NATO forces. 

Modern trained Afghan Army did not resist Taliban as it should have been resisted. Many Pandits are saying that it is being done deal with Taliban and American government because there was no way out to make peace in Afghanistan as twenty years have American NATO forces have been trying their best to defeat Taliban fighters but they have badly failed . 

Taliban made this war very expensive one for American and NATO coalition forces. American have to negotiate with Taliban and as a result Ashraf Ghani was left at the mercy of Taliban therefore he fled today from Kabul to Tajikistan as media reports are coming out. Talibans have no chance to run this vast country of multi National , multi ethnic with medieval mindset therefore they have to come up with new modern concept nation building. 

Religious based concept of nation building is not only faulty but it failed concept. Taliban must make concession with other regional forces and ethnicity as well to build Nature -Mankinf friendly Federal Afghanistan. All Afghsn regions , ethnicities and sub-ethnicities must be given equal share in new proposed Federal Afghanistan government. 

There is no way out for any one to impose their own will and political ideology on Afghan people by force. If Americans and NATO forces have failed to impose so called democracy through installing puppet regime in Kabul. It is predictable that if Taliban try to impose their version of hard core rightwing religious political ideology on Afghan people, they will Assli failed. 

Taliban must avoid bloodshed and begin dialogues with all Afghan political parties and ethnic groups to establish an inclusive democratic interim regime and announce immediately to held elections so that Afghan people can elect their Federal as well as regional governments all over Afghanistan.    

 By - Javed Inayat
From - Pakistan OccupiedKashmir

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