The Taliban used opium to conquer America || by Rakesh Kaul || LIVE IMAGE

Chilling with the chillum, the second strategic mistake.

The antique Kashmiri hookah is a beauty and seems to have been created for special communal occasions. Tobacco shops proliferated the Valley, serving plain, fruit flavored varieties and perhaps with stronger inducements. Workmen would carry their samovar in one hand and the portable hookah in the other.

A break every hour or so was de rigeur. Here is the funny part. The women would take a puff too. Equal rights for all. There seems to be some controversial evidence that by having the smoke bubble through the water it was less cancer inducing versus cigarettes.

But I think the Pavlovian soporific effect of the hookah was not limited to the nicotine effects only. It was the gurgling sound when one would puff at the pipe. It is like no other sound, very soothing and relaxing.

Drugs are endemic in India and Central Asia and especially the greater Himalayan kingdoms. The Americans spent $ 8.3 Billion trying to get Afghan farmers to not grow opium. The Taliban, the Pure ones, the oh so holy and moral Taliban by contrast became drug smugglers.

Their annual take was estimated at $450 million which was their number 1 revenue source and funded a lot of terror activities. Inspite of the best efforts by the Americans poppy production increased under their watch.

It was the beginning of the Taliban victory. They had the people on their side and they had the money.

Why did we care? What if we had let the Afghan farmers do their own thing and not interfered?

The farmers and rural Afghanistan would have been on our side, the Taliban would not have made any money, the society would have chilled out a bit more. It is hard to become a terrorist if you are stoned out of your mind.

The British used opium to conquer China. The Taliban used opium to conquer America. And what makes it even more crazy is that back home in America we were all passing legislation making CBD legal.

We had a mission in Afghanistan. We did not have a mandate to be missionaries in Afghanistan. 

 By- Rakesh Kaul 
 Chairman at Spherenomics

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