Who Promised for the Plebiscite in Jammu & Kashmir PM Nehru or Sheikh Abdullah ?? || by S N Pandita || LIVE IMAGE

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It is indeed an eye opening history that is hardly known or acknowledged. To this rare history you may add a little more. Everyone puts the blame on Nehru for his promise of Plebiscite in Kashmir, but how many know who and what introduced the induction of UN Commission in Kashmir?

The never talked and perhaps never known and hence never acknowledged fact is that it was Sheikh Abdullah's address to the UN Security Council on February 5, 1948 that brought the UN Commission on Kashmir to the actual ground. 

Speaking that day Abdullah roared on the floor of the UN Security Council floor when he stated before the assembled members: "After all, I do not have any magic lamp so that I might bring the entire picture of Jammu and Kashmir state along with the borders of Pakistan before the eyes of the members of the Security Council so that might see who is fighting and who is not fighting. 

Therefore somebody must go to the spot. That is the only help we want and no other help". The SecurityvCouncil accepted this plea of Sheikh Abdullah and constituted the UNCIP vide its resolution dated April 21, 1948.

 It is ironic everyone blames Nehru for Plebiscite but no one even knows that to compound matters further in Kashmir it was Sheikh Abdullah to whom goes the dubious distinction of having brought the UN intervention in Kashmir to a physical reality.

Thus was Kashmir served with the deadly cocktail of international intervention.

By- S.N. Pandita

(The author is a Gurugram based Stein scholar and researcher.)

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