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Heegund –Arneegund naag, as  said  has a curing   properties because of its  sulphur contents   People throng for  remedy in particular suffering from skin diseases, from adjoining areas  It is situated in village Kheejogipora , about five km away from Kulgam It is surrounded by Katrasoo ,Bogam and Batsargam .

The area is full of springs all around , but it has a history of its own a peculiar one , which has immortalized it for ever Kheejogipora is the birth place of   famous sufi Saint,Sheik-ul-allam Sheikh Nooeudin-noorani Rehamat ellah-allahand, also revered  as Nandu Resh, the spring has played a very vital role of his emergence in the village

It is said  three castes lived once  in the village Kasmmiri Pandits, Maliks and afew families of as said of lower-class,Dooum All lived in complete harmony and dependent to one another Since untouchables is not known in the valley so no inhibition to intermingling.

A pious kashmiri pandit , quite learned and possessing spiritual leanings, had an a desire that  some one from his family should excel in knowledge more than him  and be known far and wide for it  It was his daily routine while praying   to ask for such  a boon from the God. And one day he had an intuition , so while retiring to bed , he called for his wife to finish the daily  chore quickly as she has to rise early to go out  for some  urgent work.

She in irritation, as she was still half way in finishing her daily chore, asked him  for the urgency, He cooled her and confided that  quite in  early hours of the morning when ever one be in deep sleep , go to the Naag, there emerge a Heegund( bunch of hee flowers) and bring it to home, we will be blessed with a son , who shall bring  name,fame far and wide. 

Neighbor women from other than Malik caste had come to seek some help, she overheard it , without disturbing  retraced her steps  quietly  and waited all the time for morning .God willing she went ahead of Razabaie, the pandit lady, and was blessed with Heegund, and hastily returned. Razbaie went too but after her and she too got flower bunch but it was of AereengundAs destined a male baby was born to lady who went first, named him Noordin ,sheikh as sir name as usual, and with his brilliance shined  far and wide as was aspired by Pandit ji.

Pamposh( lotus ) grows always in Laaeeyaam, ( marshy unclean water) often refereed quite often and there is a proof  Sheik-ul-allam Sheikh Nooeudin-noorani Rehamat ellah-allahand and Laleeshwari , know as Laaldeedh, were  contemporary   of highest order Needles to add Sopour is a place again in kulgam from where ancestors of Dr Iqbal soporoo, came down to Sialkote

Bushan Parimoo
(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website .)
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