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 Some are born with God given extra ordinary abilities, creative acumen & talent, who by virtue of such sublime qualities give the world new directions. These people look & behave as ordinary citizens, but their intellect & sensibilities make them towering to carve out a niche for themselves and make an everlasting impact, thus leave behind a great legacy.  M K Kaw was one such.

Past few months have not been quite good for the community, as we have lost many of our shinning stars and stalwarts, like S/sh. Dr. M K Teng, A N kaul ‘Sahib’, Dr. T N Ganjoo, A K Kaul, C L Chrengoo, M K Kaw & A K Diwani. Here I pay my humble and respectful homage & Tribute to all of them. But this time I will be only talking & writing about M K Kaw a great luminary and legendary personality, with whom I was associated for the past two decades and was also privileged to work very closely with him as secretary in All India Kashmiri Samaj, when he was the President there for a consecutive terms w.e.f. March 2003 to March 2009.

Shri Kaw was born on 10.11.1941 in Srinagar Kashmir. At the age of ten he passed his matriculation in 1952 & joined IAS in 1964 and was allotted to the Himachal Pradesh Cadre where he held important posts including that of the Principal Secretary to CM, Education Secretary and also Finance Secretary. He also spent fifteen years in the center and held the important positions that of the Member Secretary of the 5th Pay Commission, Secretary Ministry of Civil Aviation and also Secretary MHRD, Deptt of Hr. Education. Finally Kaw Sahib retired from IAS Govt Service in 2001. Kaw Sahib had been very active in social causes.  After his retirement Kaw Sahab worked as Dean of Shri Sathya Sai International Centre for Human Values, New Delhi, Chairman, Board of Governers of NIIT, Srinagar, Kashmir and also worked as chairman of the committee on re-organisation of the DGCA.  He was also a member of core group of the Centre for Governance.

Shri Kaw had immense love and affection for his community of Kashmiri Pandits, their language, Literature and Art also  he got elected President of Kashmir culture Education Science Society (KECSS) twice and also the President of Apex  Organization of Kashmiri Pandits, All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS).

Kaw sahib has also written poetry in English and Hindi. He also dabbled in other forms of Literature also. He was not only a poet, but also an author, administrator, social activist, leader, columnist and play writ also. He was very active in literary, social and community affairs and was also a prolific writer. He has authored many works, some hot selling also, besides many works of Poetry he has also penned down his short stories, plays, a novel and a book on spirituality.

Shri Kaw gained literary recognition with “Bureaucracy Gets Crazier- IAS unmasked”, which attained the status of a classic. This book was published in 1993 and became an instant best seller as it was sold out in 30 days. This book has also been translated into Hindi and Punjabi. A revised and updated version was brought out in 2012, which also was a best seller. This book is intimate inside look at the state of Indian Administrative Service, with nothing held back.

Late Kaw published his autobiography under the title “An Outsider Every Where” in 2012.
“Kaw Caw, silly point” is yet another famous book  which he has authored in 2014. He wrote two monthly columns “Kaw Caw” for the journal ‘Naad” of AIKS and Silly Point for the magazine G-files the prestigious journal of governance.

Shri Kaw has given me those books as his favourite gifts with putting his autograph recording the dates given. My last meeting with him was at his rented residence on 15.09.2019 some days before his death.


M K Kaw, the President of AIKS (3/2003 to 3/2009), (The golden period of AIKS). Now I will elaborate/highlight the main achievements  during this period under his stewardship:-

  • One of the first step during this period was the adoption of new and detailed constitution for AIKS, which was printed and widely circulated.
  • AIKS formulated a National Policy in Kashmir, which was published in a booklet form, which clearly states that the policy should base itself on the resolution of the Parliament of India that entire J&K belongs to India and the only issue remaining was to take back PoK. It also suggested the manner in which terrorism should be tackled with utmost seriousness of purpose
  • Another document which is of the critical importance is the strategy paper on the eventual return of KPs to the valley. This has been drafted after detailed marathon discussion with various affiliates of AIKS and other prominent leaders of the community. The document lists preconditions for the return and also indicates the milestones of our journey back. Both these documents were submitted to Hon’ble Prime Minister, Home minister and other functionaries of the Government of India.
  • Our meeting with the PM in September 2004 lead to the setting up of inter-ministerial committee headed by Smt. Sushma Chaudhary. This committee submitted its report with 24 recommendations, out of which 18 were approved by the PM in May 2005. This initiative was mainly responsible for the construction of 5242 TRT flats at Jammu & Nagrota. 
  • In view of AIKS final decision to file a writ petition, on my continued persuasion, was the most appreciated step. This petition filed by President AIKS, Rajinder Premi & President AIKPC in October 2006 was admitted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and notices were issued to both the Central and State government. It was only by the impact of this writ petition, that the then PM announced a package for Kashmiri Migrants in May 2008. This package was filed in the supreme court as Central Govt’s defense reply as rejoinder. As a result of this package, 15000 jobs were advertised and few thousands joined in the valley.
  • AIKS was recognized as the apex of the Pandits organisations by inviting it to the PMs round table conference in 2005.
  • AIKS issued a booklet on the social reforms needed by the community which was widely circulated. Many attempts were made to preserve and protect the Kashmiri language and culture. Those include taking up strongly, with the CM Delhi to set-up a Kashmiri Academy in Delhi. The matter relating to use of Devnagri as an additional alternative script for Kashmiri was also vigorously taken up by AIKS with the Central Govt.
  •  In order to ensure that Kashmiri boys and girls marry within the community, a free matrimonial service was started in Naad.
  • Another mile-stone during the Presidentship of Mr. Kaw during this period has been that AIKS in October 2005, decided to float a quarterly Literary Nagri Kashmiri Magazine “Vaakh” which has been the first literary magazine in Devnagri script.
  • AIKS made an attempt to assume the management of the KP Shrines and Temples in the valley through the passing of a Temples and Shrines Bill. The original and Ist draft prepared by AIKS was adopted by the National Conference and presented as a private member Bill (Mr. Abdul Raheem Rather) in the J&K Legislative Assembly in Feb 2007. Although this legislation has not been passed so far, there is a considerable support for it.
  • AIKS attempted to involve corporate leaders in the overall problems of the community. An important initiative in this regard, including holding of a co-operate conclave in March 2005. We also started the AIKS helpline in the monthly magazine Naad. Where advertisement for jobs and the particulars of those seeking jobs were published free of cost.
  • In October 2018 the AIKS entered into an agreement with Koshur Sumchar for the management of two Shakti Nagar plots allotted to Koshur-Sumchar. A Bhoomi poojan, alongwith a Hawan was performed on the plot site and the building plan for the Ist phase of the project for the girls hostel got approved from MCD. AIKS paid for the entire cost of the approval.

On Cultural Front 

Shri M K Kaw will always be remembered by the entire community for his selfless services to the community particularly by the younger generation, students, whom he gave the best of the gifts, Education. As secretary to the Government of India, Dept. of Higher Education, Ministry of HRD, Mr. Kaw did the first thing of reserving the couple of seats in each stream of Engineering, Management, Pharmacy and other allied supernumerary seats over and above the normal intake for Kashmiri Migrants all over the country in 2001.

I may reiterate once again that we should not mourn his death, but celebrate as he was truly a living Karma Yogi---- God give him Moksha.

By-  Rajinder Premi 


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