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Shiv Mandir Kupwara, Kashmir 

The demand for the Kashmiri Hindu Shrines and Religious Places Management Bill  that has been projected  after the mass  exodus of 1990 .  Surfaced out of blue  once again inadvertently after deep slumber  that became a matter of deliberation in the social media  once more . 

The reason for a news item  published 07 May, 2015, in the regard of Greater Kashmir  was reproduced by the Delhi based website, the Live Image, owned by the son of the soil. Where under Chairman Trustee of Dharmath Trust Dr Karan Singh  has asked   the Kashmiri Pandits  Stay away from temples under Dharmath Trust not to indulge in affairs of temples and shrines under the Trust." President of the Trust . Major General (Retd) R S Jamwal, then  President of the Trust, a kashmiri speaking and hails from Kulgam, said it was unfortunate that a section of KP community has "once again raised the bogey of Hindu shrines in the Valley." The tenor , tone and content  has not find favour with  it.

This writer is of the view that the reasoning  on the basis of  records is very true the Dharmarth Trust,  for which it  exercised the bonafide rights under   the  sole  ownership.There were about 143 Temples Constructed  in the state by the Dogra rulers ,  to manage them, a trust was duly constituted .

Apart from other Temples Sarai  spread all over India at religious places. Fairly good number of temples were destroyed on the other side of the lines.A Few during 1948 such as Aakharas were transferred to the Mahants of these temples. 

Question arises for which temples the  Kashmiri Hindu Shrines and Religious Places Management  Bill is asked for and  on which grounds.What was the earliest system to manage these temples before migration.  In case my memory stand by me, it was suggested then that  Management committee shall be exclusively that of Kashmiri Pandit migrants. There by discriminating against  non Kashmiri Pandits worshipers of these temples from valley ,other Kashmiri Pandits living in Jammu Province, those who have migrated per circumstance  post 1947 and thereafter from time to time  whose heart still lies in the valley.

Another   relevant news item  prior to it  of  8/6/2011  that reads During the winter of 2008- 09 a seminar cum Photo Exhibition was held in Srinagar depicting extensive damage suffered by the wake of eruption of terrorism in 1990, followed by mass migration of Hindu minorities from the valley. 

The seminar was organized by Sanjay Tikoo and his associates representing the minuscule Pandit Biradari still living in the valley (Almost like eleven families left behind in the distant past following another similar migration as depicted in our recorded history). Photographs of more than two hundred temples and shrines that had been damaged in the valley extensively were exhibited on this occasion .

To it this writer had  responded  then who  will man these temples be specific, have you gone to Handwara temple complex, where there is a way  we need volunteers not breast beaters and crocodile tears shedders,  Why do we need " Kashmiri Hindu Shrines and Religious Places Management Bill. Like eleven families left behind in the distant past, to me still relevant all those who did not migrate are the bonafide Kashmiri Pandits, among those this community shall rise , thrive in its soil, all governments  should put pronounced focus on them , in case this community needs protection like Hangul.

Requires mention that it was  2004  volunteers started opening of   the temples  in their vicinity reeling in the are charged scenario, at great risk,in the which stand closed and  unattended since the exodus.

That continued for a couple of years, with wide coverage.Welcome step, but after opening, these the day used to be closed again as no one came forward to take care even in routine.This induced me to tour visit a few of them. In the entire valley  temples were in bad shape except, Mata Baderkali Handwara, Zeestha Mata Temple Zeethyar, Mata Tripur Suderi Manzgam  Kulgan. and a few others those managed by the security forces.

Zeestha Mata Temple Zeethyar, Kashmir

In the name of restoring temples land grabbers emerged with a untramoties.   During  visiting some of the these tample an idea came why not to take care perform daily Puja Aachana, like sikhs,  by elder  who have reached at their fagend like me, and after here has to go to Him.in rotation , suitable to them take care of the temples.Just four hundred temples , is not a big issue.

Offered to take care, by me  to break the thaw  in the most dreaded area and during the worst season, but no one came forward. Since 1996 I have been imploring brathen to come forward to assist, not necessary with finance to repair Sawmi Chandiham Ashram, Sogam, and Baba Jeean Shains ashram Ladoo, all I desired moral help, rest assured to financial aspect shall be taken care.No one came forward, just one of the litmus test, to drive home the intentions of the so call faith beares.

Ramnavmi celebrated with religious fervor, gaiety across Jammu region

On the Ramnavmi 24 March 2010 after many years, precisely after last migration ,  I attended the function in Kashmiri Pandit Shaba at Amphala jammu . When the number of our baradari was  limited in jammu before migration  the gathering  used to be very impressive on all  the occasions running up to more than five hundred to seven hundred but this time it was sheer less than 150. Those days it was full fervor ,gaiety ,enthusiasm, and above all eager to participate, this time it was a lifeless affair.

After Puran Ahooti ,we sat for  Naaveed ,to my left was a  community brother , to start conversation I took liberty to ask him you live nearby .He replied in affirmative, still in service ,negative was the reply and added that he is head of a temple looking after its management, the deity is of a famous deity of ANDRA PARDESH.

I was elated to hear, the brother is religious, retired and of my age. Without mincing word  and loosing any time , I asked him very hesitantly but quite in politeness choosing appropriate words suggested that we elders  should go to serve our deities in the valley He said curtly that he has children to look after, I further asked are they still to be settled, He said all are well settled and in comfort, then what holds him and others in similar position to avoid this noble mission .He said that he has  go to them to show BOUTH HAUAAN that to see their faces,  gives  preference  to  family  over the  our Lord,  depicts our hypocrisy.

To this I remember an incidence as, Difficult questions are hard to solve, easy ones need not to, Amaji, as such there is nothing to do, was a childish reply to the scolding  mother who found him sitting idle with books  striven here and there around.

Elders are not going to return even in the first phase to the temple to show our presence and touch the troubled waters. Younger are not supposed to go due to their job requirement; as such there is none to return .How  we will face Him on our return and He shall treat us  at least will not give a place with those  who served Him with dedication and selflessly, it has become a fashion these days departed is called a Karamyogi to me  with due apologies beforehand it is hard to identify between" Karmyogi" and "Bhogi".

Dear and respected, do you expect that some one in the form of a Mamaji or bridegroom will come and lift us in his arms like a bride to take with utmost care us to the valley ?

Today I found a picture  shared by one Pandit Vijay Nehru cell number 99100 71332, calling Sai Baba of Shiridi, a Muslim saint as  Om Sai Ram,  he is neither Om nor Ram , but a Sai,  Vijay ji is not first  to  worship him over our Shiv Shakti, but it I has become trade mark of migrant kashmiri Pandits, went far head of Kashmiriyat  to indianised  their belief. Read word for word in picture, Pandit ji wants wealth full of it, from him, that means he has lost like many of others from cummunity  faith in Shiv Shakti, I desrespect them.

Personally I respect all religion as its one's own faith to follow his own belief , as regards Kashmir Pandits , to be so and remain so, it is ordained to keep tradition in its purest form, to be called Kashmiri Pandits follow ordained of Shiv Shakti the creator and destroyer ,nothing came before or after, an infinite Shakti. The trade mark of Kashmiri Pandits. . 

Bushan Parimoo
(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website .)
(Feedback at: blparimoo@gmail.com)


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