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Under the laid down criterion by the academic world of literature, 'Merza-Kak. auhored by Premi Ji is established monograph.                                                              The main features of this present work is:

The  Pesh-e-Lafz--Foreword  has been written by the great educationist of the time Pandit Jia Lal Kaul Nazir  on the 24th April-1960, 
Do Baatein--Preface by the author himself on the Jyeth Krishna Dvitiya, corresponding to the 13 May,1960. Premi ji  had recorded the Saptarshi Samvat, along with the Panchanga Tithi.

The  author has not put his work within chapters, under the norms of writing the monograph, but it  is like a sequence of the life situation of the great saintly-Poet Merza  Kak.

The author describes his date of birth according to the tradition as Poh Shukla Paksha Okdoh, in the year 1805 Bikrami. He was named as Merza Pandit, when born. The eye witness says--that Tahri--Cooked rice with turmeric is being cooked in that village by the devotees, on his birth day, as a mark of respect, He was born in the Hanjalgund village.Merza  Pandit was adopted by the Mausi , hailing from Acchan,Tehsil Pulwama,

Premi Ji  writes about  the  direct vision--which is said to be the Grace of the Divine Mother, who is Hingula Devi. This  evolved the 'Pragnya' or intuitive faculty of the VAK, in  Merza Kak..

Merza Kak returns  to his ancestral home. and would be driven into trance at times , as per the local sayings. It is said that Merza Kak had attained the Ashta Siddhis, as recorded by the monograph write.

Yeha'n Bhi  Aur Waha'n Bhi - He is here, he is there at the same time., thus transcending  time ending Time--the Kaala Krama, in the Yogic language.
Merza Kak happened to be a great reformer, as Premi Ji depicts the  incidence of the Bhagadaji woman of Raina wari, Srinagar as how he managed her last rites, when the locality refused to attend her last rites, due to certain allegations. 

He uses the Word Trahi--Save me,Save us, as the term stands for in Sanskrit, in case of any emergency or like situiation ..
It is said in the monograph that he was graced by Lalleshvari through the mystic vision. He was blessed with Pragnya--the faculty of Self-realization within.
This  great saint  of the time   left his mortal coil  in 1891 Bikrami, His relics consists of Kantop--cap, Khadao'n--wooden shoe  Chhadi--a stick, Samavaar, Khos--. Gadavi-a pitcher..

Merza Kak is known as the author of the VAKH tradition. Vak is purely  spiritual in content. It is written with inner experience of the soul. It is an expression of ecstasy 
 A specimen is given as under

: Zaan Ishar Parm,a Ishar Sui Sui Dita Taji
 Poz Ishae Poz Parmishvari--- 
 PozGyan PozVigyan Sui
 PozNaadu-i Poz Bend Sui  
 Zaan Ishar Parm,a Ishar Sui Sui 
 Dita Taji RaazaZanakh Sai'khi 
 Kartu Bhakti Bhakhta Bhahlad Sa'ikhi 
 Karu Grihastha  Svadi Vonyi Chhu Saikhio
 Zaan Ishar Parm,a Ishar Sui Sui Dita Taji 

This establishes Merza Kak had studied the Puranas and Itihasa --Ramayana.
Further  Merza Kak writes: 

Byol Shabdah Brahma Kunuy Chhuyi
Basith Kyah Sanah Chhi Tchaaye
Hushant Zeewo Zi Shant Rumu Resahun Aye
Yim Sata Reshi Tim Kas Maaje Zaaye.

He speaks of the Shabda Brahma--asthe Eternal Shabda sound ,  which is Pranava  OM. He speaks of the Sapta Rishis being born asthe Miond born Rishis of Brahma. He uses the Vedic and agamic  term as Hum-+,stant dong  Ahuti in the fire for universal peace or  shanti, Merza Kah through Vakh will be revered always after Lall Ded.

As the publisher Rajinder Premi  says the present edition has been reprinted at the serious demand of the devotees and readers .that is why,the monograph is reprinted,and as per the Iccha--will of his Mother who hailed from Hangal gund.          ( Verbally communicated by the publisher)

I, would like to add that I transliterated this Monograph in Hindi ,as a token of    respects for Pandit Sarvanad Kaul Premi ji, in the Manuscript form. 

Courtesy By -Rajinder Premi


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