Curse to Patriots || By Bhushan Parimoo || LIVE IMAGE


Curse to Patriots || By Bhushan Parimoo || LIVE IMAGE

From the onset this writer desire to make it clear  that he does not  do not hold  any brief for any one whatsoever but for  self. Intent is to drive home  with regard to  recent developments in the jammu region which  do not augur  well .Those who carry it in the name of  National interest in fact  are undermining the very basis of the structure on which  our constitution is put on.  

Reactionary activities are carried with intent to shred every thread of brotherhood in the fabric of, oneness good neighbor with mutual respects. With the change of guards in the State , inkling  got well entrenched roots that  the agenda of the reactionary elements   so far hidden will emerge .But still   there  had  been some hope   taken with a pinch of salt that good sense may prevail to carry  what Atal ji  had advised Narendar  Modi  after Gujarat riots  to  adhere to Rajdharma , no discrimination on the base of  birth, religion region or community. But in hurry to safforinisation the country it seem the country is being torn apart. 

Soon after PDP-BJP combine government took reigns Gujjar and Bakerwals were started feeling pinch of the Reactionary Agenda some time community was reminded of 1947, some time encroachers , at times attacked for dubbing  Cattle smugglers.There is no history among Gujjars about Cow slaughter  even before Mharaja Ranbir Singh banned it in 1856. Rather they care them more than themselves.As regards encroacxhers, all lands after 1947  belonmging to their brethren killed or flee for life is owned by non Gujjars and Bakerwals mostly those who doubt their sincerity. 

It is nothing but give a bad name to Dog and kill him. Gujjars and Bakerwals are first class state subjects unlike many who are second and third class, on the basis of State Subject Certificates of pre 1947.There  are in the state  even  thousand e on fake certificates. Even emergence to Dogra Rule one of the finest in the subcontinent owes its formation due to vital role played by the Gujjars of Gulabgarh. Other day at Talwara Reasi Gujjars were attacked for ca transporting bovine to Inchin a  highland pastures. Which they have been doing since centuries even before Dogra rule came in to existence. 

Routes are defined, so are winter grazing area in jammu province  and Summer Alpine pastures in Kashmir. Just a poser if Gujjar who tender Buffalo and Cow their main source of livelihood shall not carry it. Then who.Gujjar and Bakerwal  as per census before 1947 were second largest community after Kashmiris. Rajputs both Hindu and Muslim came third after that the Jats.At present these are 20 lakhs all  in the main stream. Where wisdom lies Modi ji, Rajnath, Ram Madhav In-Charge of J&K affairs, push them in others lap because here in the state they are Muslims elsewhere in the country they profess other faiths too Hinduism, Sikhism, and others.

As rightly said by late Haji Buland khan, a veteran leader of the state,  in his letter to then home minister Sh Shivraj Patel in one of his letters that” They  have undisputed record of their living over centuries in complete harmony with their neighbourers , who so he may be whether co-Muslim brethren, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist or christen. They are endorsement of secularism, it is also admitted fact that the history of Gujjar is a saga of integration, secularism, patriotism, sacrifices and velour which is an epilogue of their glorious past in the country” 

The reference of the Gujjar, Guruji made was Ch Mohammd Din chechi, of Dara-Kassi village in Tanghmargh, who informed the army 1965  of the advent in numbers of regular army from across the line  named Guerrillas. Besides it was the Gujjars , forest guards and village level workers who led Indian army through the unfamiliar routes to counter, rest is the history. Similar feat was repeated by Mtr Mali , Gujjar women, of Poonch who in 1971 Both of them  had been awardees of Padamshri  for patriotism. It requires mention Choudry sahib had to pay the price with his life in 1990 and  died unsung .

It is a established fact that at the time of Pakistanis  aggression during 1947, a Gujjar lady whose name was Zooni, organized a force of women in her village against barbarous Pakistani invaders and  as citified by capt.U.S.Raja of 5/11 Gorkha Rifles that in September,1948 led by Dulla Pojwala  s/o Baggu Pojwala, a brother ofDulla , Haji Fisha Pojwala WINTER ABODE Samba , guided Army from Badamibagh cantonment, Srinagar to kargil via Suru valley, Zanaskar, to push back the invaders, who were well entrenched under the command of Rustam Khan assisted by his four nephews Earlier attempts from Kishtawar, the traditional route, after Zorawar Singh had adopted was fortified by Rustam Khan, as such no progress could be achieved , Dulla led Army from unfamiliar route and achieved element of surprise , a vital ingredient in warfare Gujjar of Haripur Hazara who  will come down daily to supply milk  in Muzafferabadh to among those were KashmirPandits  serving as teacher, compounder , revenue officials , post office etc with whom they had developed the intimacy and reverence for the service these officials were rendering were informed days ahead of Pakistan Army  backed intrusion, in 1947.

It was 2001, Ch Salam-ud-Din Bajad and his younger brother late  Jalalaudin Bajad of Kupwara  , on the request of late Sacin Pilot, a Gujjar himself , roped in and countered  ruthless killing of the innocents which had its effects, and soon after  a good gathered public meeting was organised at Kupwara, there after peace march from uri to qazigund was organised led by Tajmohiudin, again a Gujjar,.Haji Bulandkhan  to protect the interests of Gujja and Bakerwal, floated a organisation J&K Gujjar and Bakerwal Conference and held about +100 public meeting of the Baradary besides  a dozen one day convention starting from Sanasar , against the advice of security,  two in valley one of them at kupwara where an the meeting after deliberations in the convention about 8000 participated, which was eye opening affair for the government , next was at Tagore hall Srinagar , the place fell too small to accommodate the surging gathering of thousands  who were forced to sit outside and listen the speeches in rapt attention .Those were the days Self styled Nationalist zealots did not move out from the confines of jammu. 

 During last twenty years of turmoil they lost nearly 1000 souls in opposing the terrorists,   and has to the credit liquidating many of them mostly dreaded ones with sticks and bare hands, women folk did not lag behind. Were first to join SPOs despite stiff resistances and for it got killed even whole family. Its roll in containing insurgency with security forces have a long unending commendable  record.

Hill kaka magnetic fortress in Poonch, about 350  ace mercenaries were well entrenched  were dislodged in 2003 in  four phase under operation SARBNASH, 62 were killed, many injuries and retreated in dense jungles  with active support of the local  Gujjars in w This was made possible  by a Gujjar Ch Tahir Fazal s/o Moulvi Fazal Din of Madha, Surankote ,  his  brother late Ch  Mohammad Ashraf,  had come from Arabia to meet his parents,  advocating during his stay  against the atrosties of the mercenaries, was killed  along with his family members  for it to   take revenge and rest is again history, Roll of theirs during Amaranth yatra    has been  there for all of to see Gujjar Bakerwal tribe  believes in  peace and tranquillity, though ferocious as Haji Buland khan  told Atul ji  then PM , in 2003 at Srinagar, who face wild animals with sticks and bare hands.And advised politely don’t sacrifice community genuine interests at the altar of appeasement. Which GOI is in habit to do.

Depite scarfices community is between deep sea and the Devil, while zealots doubt them Sessionists call them infidles. An Interview  by Syed Ali Shah Geelani's aired on National TV Channel ( NTDV) on 5-8-2010 at 7:15 PM   mentioned Gujjars as  different religion  separated  from Muslims and packaged them with other faiths.

Gujjars felt hurt and offended and advised  Geelani should correct himself and should talk very carefully about the issues which are very sensitive in nature which effect Religious sentiments of  the Gujjars. 

Syed Ali Shah Geelani was reminded in a civilised manner rebut  given by a veteran leader of Bangladesh late Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani , a secular and left leaning politician , known as Red Maulah, who for his ideology of secularism, parted ways with his close  men of power ,like Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Suhrawardy , a Bengali, and dictator Field Marshal Ayub khan, a Pathan, Once Ayub kahn , accused him of not being Muslim , as Geelani termed the Gujjar , Bakerwal tribe , because he resisted invasion of Punjabi culture  in east Pakistan  Maulana , in his revolutionary; style , hit back as a wounded tiger that should he pull up his  lungi to  prove ,Gujjar Bakerwal tribe is far better followers of the tenants of Islam , in the state , no need to pull up TAAMBAA.Whose is more Patriot them them? 

Well said....

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

 -Samuel Johnson 

Bushan Parimoo

(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website.)
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