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Under placid waters of humanity which is made to appear as normal is deceptive in jammu division. Every kind of dirt in shape of mistrust acrimony has been settling slowly but steadily ever since the partition without any respite at any given time. Off recent every kindof situation emerging wittingly or unwittingly is being seen with the communal bifocals. A cause of deep concern heading towards anarchism under a scheme of things.

Every one talks about it but in a hush hushmanner and lacks will to revive Dogra tradition, of Khandh Meethaay Log Dograeey, compound the situation.Even if measures at all are initiated subject to goodwill prevail on the saner elements to take lead to contain and reverse the ongoing trend still may take yeawith sincerity and dedication, hoping against hope. 

Jammu Muslim byand large is Dogra, without any margin of doubt and son of the soil as Kashmiri of the Satisar. Dogras are an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group in the Indian subcontinent. Imperial Gazetteer of India records that the origin of the word "Dogra" is said to have arisen from the fact that the cradle of the Dogra people lies between the two lakes of Sruinsar and Mansar. Dwigart Desh (meaning country of two hollows) wasconverted into Duggar and Dugra, which then became Dogra.

The Shivaliks lower Himalayan range right from right bank of Ravi bordering Punjab up to Panchal range has been called Duggar Desha.They generally speak Dogri and other dialects similar to Dogri professfaith per choice Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, some Dogras embraced Islam thereafter somothers to Sikhism and a few Christianity. Never monopoly of any faithas it is being projected land of exclusively of one faith. Chibs,

Manhas, Choudhary, Thakkar, Rathore, Jarral, Bhau’s etc has a common bond same way of living, attire, culture, heritage and respect each other's faith participate in oneness in the religious occasion rituals utmost sanctity with fanfare and mutual respect. Every festival celebrated together, Basant Panchimi, Baisakhi, Lohri Navratras,Deepawali, Gurpurabs, Eid share grief in Mohuram, their being in theforefront during Amarnath Yatra in 2008 must be still fresh in the minds. 

Dogra Muslims are very particular when to throw a feast necessitated during Navratras to known from all faiths has to be vegetarian, same way Hindus in equal measures reciprocated the sentiment of their in the hour of joy or grief. Dogras relished Kheer,Ambal, Rajmash Kalari etc, and did not have any inhibition singingBhents Devi Maata, Devotional songs, Malika Pukhraj has started her carries from Devotional Songs in the temple.

Late Haji Ghulam MohammadDansaliya, Padam Shri recipient and now his children carry tradition of singing Devi Mata’s Bhents. As regards to be sincerity to the soil are second to no one, Smt Mali, a Padamshri awardee earned it not for singing but save the soil from invaders so are the heroic act at Hill Kaka, Poonch, were first among Muslims to join SPOs against threats and killings. List is long and unending all they cannot do for that matter any human, All they cannot tear the chest to show loyalty asthe Hanuman ji. 

Dogras has never a pronounced and meaningful interaction of any kind with the Kashmir valley till the time Kashmir became a part of the Dogra state. Peer Panchal range was one of the principal barrier beside proximity with undivided Punjab. Two hundred years closeness has been just sheer osmosis relation between two varying section of the inhabitants of the state.

Dogras irrespective of caste creed or color were better off than Kashmiris whom Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah used to refer as Hewers of Wood, Drawers of Water and tillers of land. Dogra Muslim has nothing  common with kashmiris except the faith, detest each other that has been the reason in Muslim Conference role of Kashmiri became minimized. 

Choudhary Ghulam Abba often taunt Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah not to claim that he represent Muslim of the state but fact is represent Muslims of Khanabal to Khadanyar. Both side people taunt each other, while jammuites call kashmiri,Hatoa, Looulass it was reciprocated with the taunt as Dangoour. Marriages were a few and far between.

Lately Dugger Desh has become migrants abode of all kinds from other parts of the Country including the Kashmiri migrants has been welcomed with open arms at the same time they do not got assimilated with the Dogra culture,heritage just sponsor the faith to be the part. Are in scheme of things to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere here in the name of faith.These non Dogras has never taken trouble at all to take into the account centuries old history of brotherhood well written and well carried from mouth to mouth till date.

Instead as it suits them cite just from October 1947 and post 1947 where new rulers came in to power by default. Dogras remain together in thick and thin, even mad supreme sacrifices at the call of duty of the master without exception. Colour it with the bloody events of the partition which were beyond control of the common person over century old history of the soil. 

Muslims of Jammu are dangling over between deep sea and the devil. On one side not supporting secessionists cause or who want thestate further cut in to pieces, instead aspire for unification on the other being charged for their faith. Dogra Muslims are often complain that mistrust attitude post 1947 on behalf of majority in the jammu force them to pretend to be with the Kashmiri leadership otherwise there is no reason with whom no love is lost. 

Those who rule the state has been all along per compulsion showing a brave face of all is well in humanity bond of brotherhood oneness. Yet leaves no stone upturned to undermine it to its hilt for rich reap for stick to power by hook or crook. The fact which cannot be denied on any account is that both Muslim of Jammu suffered as worst as the Hindus in the state. 

Yet Those survived somehow has been on two accounts majorly, fleeing to jungles to save lives or the safe refuges provided by the local neighbors at great rise themselves who kept cool. At times some felt helpless to save their bosom dear ones friends, against avalanche of mob frenzy, it was counterproductive of what happened across the state with the influx of the maimed shelter seekers from bordering Punjab or a few from our own state. 

A person whom this writer knew was always whole life was shock strewn entire his life from kanak Mandi who had remorse not to save his friends.. As it was mad mad macabre of mad frenzy where killing did not matter what matter how much and how many left, applicable to both sides.

Yet choose to stay on the soil of their forefathers in the intention things will settle once again as has been for centuries hoping this holocaust will pass as bad dream with the formation of government. Universal fact East or the West home is the best. So to leave home for another place whatever may be the reason has many apprehension which most of the time prevail upon not to move. 

History of Jammu division by and lager has been a bond of mutual respect, tolerance and zeal to live together as Dogras irrespective of the faith, within faith. Were living in complete harmony since centuries, very little links with valley till Dogras created a new unified state. They had and still bear Dogra heritage tradition culture more influenced of the soil. It was call for division which left this part also non effected. 

Although Maharaja Hari Singh ascending throne had declared justice his religion and his two eyes, are one Hindu and other Muslim. And he proved at many times coming to the rescue of the underprivileged Female of his state whom he called his children. Despite Emergency Administration under Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, who ensured Non Kashmiris, should leave the state as many as the government can manipulate. 

Readers most of youngsters must not be knowing Choudhary Ghulam Abbas, Allah Rakha Sagar and many veteran leaders from the community of jammu division had no inclination whatsoever to leave state, but were made to cross under gun.  Simmering discontentment to polarize the voters makes rulers to romp home.

Pandit Jawaher Lal Nehru had appreciated that these ,however, struck to India and therefore, deserve special well of us.What we ought to do, is to develop a sense of oneness with these people, sense of unity and understanding. That involves a psychological approach. If we ameliorate the lot of the oppressed, the whole country would progress and if they remain backward the progress of the itself is retarded. Without fear, intimidation, threats coercion, and religious sentimental blackmail. 

The discourse delivered by Mahatma Gandhi at the prayer meeting on January 14, 1948, the second day of his final fast we must not fear whether a man is a Sikh or a Pathan. We must fear God. This is what I want to see. You can all try and become such men. What after all is society? Society is made up of individuals. It is we that make society. We are asleep and then say that we are helpless because society is such.

The same goes for the government. It is we who are the government. If one man takes the initiative others will follow and one can become many; if there is not even one there is nothing. century old picture of Mubarak Mandi Jammu.

Bushan Parimoo

(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website.)
(Feedback at: blparimoo@gmail.com)

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