Kashmir has hardly enjoyed a peaceful life. The state was ruled  by Mughals,  chaks, Pathans ,Sikhs, Dogras and Kashmiris always witnessed miserable life. Poverty , diseases, lack of education , hard life ,snowy winters ,  heavy rains , shortage of food and other necessities of life was always there at the door.

Kashmiris survived freezing winters using their favorite firepot Kangri from 1947, we heaved a sigh of relief and onwards till present time, we progressed a lot in every field of life.

After every five years we choose our rulers MLAs and MPs to run government. Democratic setup has been adopted by the country by which the constitution Supreme is supreme. Since 1990, we have witnessed an uprising in the valley , who disturbed this setup of self chosen Government in last elections, Government announced the monthly full pay in favor of the  people engaged in election duties.

This is being treated as compulsory Duty for Government employees.One of my friend hailing from Srinagar holding a Gazetted post in education department was deputed in a village as presiding officer and was supported to report at respective polling booth.

The relevent material would be delivered to them by Police party, half an hour before the fixed time of polling, at the respective polling booths. The concerned personal will report the Tehsil office one day before. The concerned officials designated as presiding officer and others will be carried to their destination by the police party.

Civil traffic will remain suspended for 24 hours. The concerned officials are happy as they will get one month of pay + his own pay and also election duty charges. “Eid is after 10 days I will bring a dress to my loving daughter + my better half and my son who has been asking a special type of dress”. Surely thoughts occupied his mind,  just like the morning sunrays fall on the green tiny leaves of crops like paddy and wheat and the dew drops shine like the pearls of Diamonds , so is the case with presiding officer , he smiles and his sweet smile reflects on the faces of family members making their mood happy.


On the fixed date he reached the Tehsil office after necessary directions they were carried to their destination. A coutengent of J & K police along with concerned officials of polling were dropped to their places. They were all happy and remained in a school building.
The chowkidar brought some fruits and baked rotis for them and left. They were gossiping during the night at 2300 hrs suddenly gunshot were heard nearly . The police party retaliated , the polling officials began to hide themselves. The presiding officer was from city and was unaware of village routes , but enroute to village he saw a Mosque nearby.

He ran towards the Mosque , dressed a civilian in kurta pajama and bare footed. Unfortunately Mosque was locked. He saw a coffin and hide inside that coffin. It was around 0000 hrs midnight , gunshots stopped . Different thoughts were coming to his mind like, perhaps somebody might have been hit by the bullet and possibly be dead.

According to Muslim Shariat a dead body can be buried irrespective of day and night “ in the morning people will come, they will carry the coffin , they will be afraid if it is a ghost or a demon in the coffin, because not a single villager knows me. Some will suggest to bury me first and dig Grave. May be they will bury me alive, what will happen to me”.


Such thoughts captured his mind “ May be someone will call police to identify the dead body.” The poor man was weeping in the coffin.  All his dreams are wiped off by the tears. Now thoughts come to his mind - pray to God , the only Saviour. Till morning everybody must be safe in the village until I came out of this coffin.
Far off,  in a village a priest (Mulla) gave “Azan” “ Allah Hu Akbar”, a call for Islam preachers to come for prayers to Mosque. He had a sigh of relief and slowly opened the lid of the coffin and ran towards his destinated native place of residence.

By-Prof. Trilok Singh

(Senior Lecturer at Diet Shopian, Kashmir) 

R/o.Gamaraj Tral

Tral Pulwama
(M) 8899544300

Jabran Kashmiri Pandito Ke Ghar Pr Aatankwadio Ka Kabza || Distress Sale 1990 Pt-1



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