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It was the other day the Delimitation Commission for reorganising the Assembly constituencies for Jammu and Kashmir UT,has named one of them as Habaa Kadal,the name we knew by Habba Kadal.

Kadal in Kashmiri means the Bridge,it is the second bridge over river Jehlum in the  old Srinagar  city ,out of seven though now we have ten in number , two of them at Habba Kadal,itself one old and another new one.Others are Zero bridge,Amira Kadal,Badshah Bridge,Fateh Kadal,Zaina Kadal,Aili kadal , Nawa Kadal and Safa Kadal.All bridges sufficed Kadal are old ones, before pre 1947.

It is generally presumed the name of the Habba Kadal bridge is in the name of melodious queen Habba Khatoon. But  rumbling through the pages of history proved me wrong.

The fact is that Kashmir is a a land of gossip and rumors. Both fly in the wind. Two city centres, Zaina Kadal and Hawa Kadal   in the olden times were notorious in this regard. So swiftly, like air,  was the mischief and slander spread by the native that he was called Hawa Been!  and the second bridge from where the rumors filled the city air was called Hawa Kadal, observes  Sir Walter Roper Lawrence in his classical memoir ' The India We Served'.

Bushan Parimoo

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