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Muslim separists in Kashmir who have been seeking seccession   from India and clamouring Azadi to merge with Pakistan  taking  Pakistani flag in their hands is understandable. However, it defies all understanding that Kashmiri Pandits of Jagti Camp have now threatened they too will hoist  the Pakistani flag if they are compelled to pay government revenues by way of electricity bills for the power they consume in their dwellings.

The question that baffles is the who is more anti national ,the Kashmiri Muslim who  openly states his anti India aversion or the so called pseudo nationalist , the Kashmiri Pandit who is ready to hoist the Pakistani flag merely because he is reluctant to pay his power bills. The nation must wake up to this hideous nationalism of KPs. Shame on such anti nationals.

It reminds me of a lesson conveyed to me ,that was shared with  me by my Kashmiri Pandit to fight our own battle , when all doors are closed,a fact that has to be kept in mind,that why others scarifice themselves,when we don't start it first.

Another summer has come, but still valley is doour ast [ at  a long distance] for most of us. It reminds me of a lesson i got from a determined  cat ,who wanted to live at all costs ,howsoever  mighty the tormentor was immaterial; only  desired to live .

Arnas is a small village  near the confluence of River Chenab, Nallahs  Anas and Rud which together feed Salal Dam. It was 1997,on our own request my wife was transferred to this sleepy lifeless village, apart from a naiyabat,a high school, a health and animal dispensaries , and off course a small post office, besides half a dozen shops, spread over a small area was all that we called then Arnas ,nimbus  facilities of potable water ,electricity, and other basic necessities were conspicuous, nearest town about 39 kms away was Reasi the subdivision head quarter.

There were only two government quarters available one for naib thesildar in the naibat  complex itself, constructed prior to 1947 the other occupied my wife  constructed by health department.The quarter was quite a spacious, for we two, but it had two disadvantages one it was haunted by some evil spirit as told, which we never confronted.

Her  predecessor a brave well built sardar ji often wondered how my wife sleeps without any fear alone in the quarter while when alone he had to take extra pegs to go into deep sleep My wife would on quarry merely brushes it with that Rajputs  are not afraid of Bhoots, he knows it well and as such don’t dear to confront.

Second disadvantage was a unwanted intrusion of a stray cat, she had become a nuisance to us ,all our efforts failed to chase away permanently  Last resort was to catch her ,as there in no cat trap as rat trap. I devised a easy and fool proof plan , and chased her  in a way that she was trapped in a small windowless  room, with only a small ventilation. I hurriedly took hold of a gunny bag to put her in, in one hand and on the other a stick to hit. 

Cat made desperate attempts to flee but all was barred, she jumped to ventilation twice but it was close so failed to free from impeding danger and death, she twice jumped direct on me target was my face, both the times i barely managed to save myself from her do or die attacks, and to save myself i opened the door quickly to let her be free .She survived with grit and determination, earned her freedom and enjoyed right to live without local police post , paramilitary or military to rescue her.

The cat taught me the lesson that I have  not forgotten since then.

Bushan Parimoo

(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website.)
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