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Honble Prime Minister of India
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Dr. Farooq Abdullah M.P.
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Respected Sirs,

I am taking you back to the year 1947 -48. India became independent and a new country Pakistan was also born. In the month of October 1947 ( October , 26, 1947 ) raiders supported by Pakistan Army attacked the J&K state ruled by Dogra maharaja.  Maharaja army had lot of Muslim officers and soldiers. The Muslim officers and soldiers deserted the Maharaja army and joined the attackers and Pakistan Army. 

With the arrival of Indian Army the situation totally changed. Jammu city had a mixed population of Hindus and Muslims ( Hindus  60 % and Muslims  40 % , I stand corrected).The concentration of Muslim population was Dalptian, Julaka Mohalla, Wazarat Road, Dhonthali etc etc. With the arrival of Indian Army most of the Jammu Muslim population opted for Pakistan and left jammu leaving behind their houses.In the valley also Non Speaking Muslims had also acquired landed properties and cond houses .

This writer knows about 2 properties  ------- one was between Nishat ( Gopi Tirath ) and Shalimar . This was owned by Mr. AMJAD ALI who later on became the Finance minister of Pakistan ------- 3 big houses and at least 75 canals of land. The other one was of RAJA MOHD AFZAL KHAN  ------who had purchased nearly 200 canals and constructed a small house. ( There may be some other properties ).

While the fighting was continuing Sheikh Mohd Abdullah, head of the National Conference was designated as the Prime Minister Of J&K State.  


The newly formed Awami Raj government took the ownership of the left out properties of the muslims  ( the readers are informed Sheikh Abdullah pushed his political  opponents to Pakistan who never accepted him as their leader. 

It was Chaudry Ghulam Abbas who coined the word Leader OF KHANNABAL TO KHADINYAR FOR SHEIKH ABDULLAH).
A new department CUSTODIAN PROPERTY  was formed. The department took charge of the left out properties.
They were allotted to Govt staff and charged Rent for it. It continues till date.


The purpose of this write up. When the entire Hindu population were forced to leave the centuries old Homes and Hearths in the face of terrorism . In contrast to the Muslims of 1947 the minority community did not opt for another country . 

WHY DIDN'T the State Government or the Central Government at that time issue an ORDINANCE that the property left is under Govt. Control and the CUSTODIAN department will take over the charge of looking after them.

Had this been done the community would not have sold the properties for peanuts or it would not have been vandalised . The land and orchards would not have been encroached upon forcing the owners to sell these for a song. 

Our own organisations during these 3 decades never broached the subject with state or central government. They were busy fighting among themselves and nobody thought about it. 
Well, it is too late .


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The writer is NCR/UP based and a regular contributor to this Website.

No Taker in Kashmir Pandit, fraternity .....arguments remain between two of us.

Bhushan Parimoo

Chest Beaters lay exposed to the hilt, Chandi, Faandi, Jaandi,  Make your own opinion, some time back a write up appeared on the social media   under the caption CUSTODIAN MAKAN  1947  by V K WATTAL one of the veteran Journalist, known among the friend circle Encyclopedia of Kashmir Affairs,  knows  on tips who is who  has or had been  in the corridors of power, and contribution towards the society at large, it first  was first carried by Interchange , which has credibility  for  far and wide coverage, on the matters of Ksashmiri Pandits, with pronounced thrust on the Migrants, along with  poser to  Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Hon'ble Home Minister  Of India, Dr. Farooq Abdullah  M.P., Mam Mehbooba Mufti, besides the brethren in large say at large.

All these  days , rather every days while checking my mail was expecting  , piles of mails  in the matter broached upon from the  Community ,  before i shall be able to put my own views  in right perspective in my own way  after that , but hardly one , like Sawah Lakh, as Sikh call it,  in kashmiri Aakh Lookh,( one LoK ) corosponded. Wattal sb must have thought to make the hay  while the sun  shines , with Kashmir File, his point of view  shall hit bull eyes, that   shall help to open the flood gate of the responses.

Bhushan Lal Bhan,  doctor by profession, from United Kingdom , shares  that he has read Koran many times,  gave sermons to adhere to, good but what about the one from our own blood ,  who have married  out of free will in recent times ,Muslim Boys, Girls, more so after migration and  their off springs  are  from ours , name us as per relations Nana ji Nani ji, Dad ji, Dadi ji, Mama ji Mami  ji, Didi Baiyaa,  as is the relation one may like it or not but these about i talk live  in complete agreement, Muslim Girls or boys are in the houses of the community, has an one boycotted them, please share.

Now comes what Wattal sb has touched upon the subject quite relevant an in agreement in its totality, but why it went unresponded, more Over  he knows SM Abdullah far far better than me , yet  his act about which Wattal sb make mention , is a laudable , true to the salt of his community , unlike us, in this move  there was no reservation, from his Kp friends even media went extra miles to support him at the same time left no stone unturned to belittle Maharaja Hari Singh, KP control media , world over projected him  in poor colors, concocted, unfounded stories were circulated more loyal than the King  , made Sheikh sb true loin of humanity.

Revered Wattal sb, in kashmiri it is said Panneen Kokker Aggar Baadh Aasnee , Doouyeem Seendh Gaareey Thooul Keeyeez Tarayee for non kashmiri readers it means, when you own hen lays eggs on others house , do not pass blame on  others,keep your own flock together..
He should make introspection within him, why neither he, nor suggested through his pen, which is called stronger than the sword, for such a move which is just , already in vogue ,  in the state.

To me chandi acted as a opium, though hastly  adding it was the obligation on the part of the government, no gesture, but had to move ahead,  let me take a liberty who were instrumental , everyone knows , no more secret that KP Community  feternity, were instrumental to get our property parted away like for a few peanuts, as a broker.

Truth is always bitter, my dear mother often used to say it acts as a Majee Leekh,means Maa Dee Gali, please don't take it.
Wattal sb  did you realize where you or your thoughts stand, though you served this community at a very crucial juncture, went house to house in each camp , in jammu, Udhampur, Delhi,  using public transport, braving inclement weather, hot or cold raining nor sunny unmindful,  missing meals, ignoring ill health, target has been on dot.

PS you are at liberty to correct me.
It reminds me a  Kashmir political folk song Farooq  Sb, Dr Faroouq Abdullah, Neey Keeyaa Kheelayaa, others said Aalooo, in chorus with dance female fork   sing Diusco Raakhoou Chaaloou, for Kashmir Migrants there a muner of them,

Bushan Parimoo
(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website.)
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Amit Raina
April 21, 2022 at 4:09 AM ×

Please read Jammu and Kashmir Migrant Immovable Property (Preservation, Protection and Restraint on Distress Sales) Act.
And before blaming others, what were you doing for 30 years, awaiting an opportunity to write a blog?

Congrats bro Amit Raina you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...