"Kashmir Tiger" killed Rahul Bhatt - Mass resignation by PM Package Employees in Kashmir || By Rama Deepak || LIVE IMAGE

After The Brutal Killing Of Rahul Bhatt .

12 May 2022 Rahul Bhatt Shot by Terrorist in Tehsil Office at Budgam in evening .  

Another killing of a Kashmiri Pandit Rahul Bhatt working in the office of Tehsildar District Budgam has left us all speechless, employed under PM’s package. This killing has sent shock waves, across the entire displaced Kashmiri Migrant Community.

The way by which he was gunned down looks like the involvement of an inside informer. How is it possible to enter in the Government Building without getting noticed or exposed to CCtv camera, killing the target and leaving the place quietly.

This cold blooded murder of a Kashmiri Pandit has an uninterrupted continuity like the manner in which late M L Bindroo and, like him, many in the recent past have been killed. Kashmiri Padits are being made sitting ducks by not addressing their security concerns and threat perception.

Yet the High Profile Politicians of Kashmir politics are not tired of Assuring about the return of normalcy to Kashmir and Justice to Kashmiri Migrants .

Terror Group "Kashmir Tiger" Taken the Responsibility of Killing Rahul Bhatt .

In Valley there is a Mass Procession Has been Organised By Kashmiri Hindus , Showing their Anger and Helplessness towards the Central Government . 

Government of  India Drastically Failed in Providing safe and Secure Life to Kashmiri Hindus  Who are working Under PM Package in Kashmir Valley.

It is a Big shame on Law and Order Who have Failed to Provide Security to our Youths In Valley .

Now PM Package Employees has taken strong decision Regarding there Future . They should Choose Between Death and Job .  

Mass resignation by Approx. 350 PM Package Employees (Kashmiri Hindus community) in Kashmir. It is a blot on the Indian state headed by Shri Narender Modi.

The Settlement of Kashmiri Pandit in Valley was one of the Election Agenda of BJP Government but Till date Nothing has done in this Direction .

- Rama Deepak
  M.A. Mass Communication
  M.A. Hindi 

RTI mai Kashmiri Pandito ke Liye Sanasani Khej Khulasa || LIVE IMAGE

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  1. Well written write up balanced one,administrative set up in law and order apparatus and beef up intelligence, set up is need of the hour,talk less deliver more,bring in those who have been sidelines, killing is going on ,human lives are lost,root out corruption ,incalcerant elements in the machinery


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