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There are many reasons why Assaudin Owaisi laid a chadar and offered flowers at the Mazar (grave) of Aurengzeb a couple of days back. Here, I will only cite three of these.

1. To spite the Hindus.

2. To honor someone who takes after him in temperament and Ideology.

3. Owaisi is himself a descendant from the Mughal Empire. He was actually honoring his ancestor.

Aurengzeb’s original name was Mohi Ud Din Mohammad. He took on the regnal title of Alamgir later on. In keeping with the true Islamic history and its past, his rise to power was marked by ruthless struggle of bloodletting and brutal violence against his own.

Being the third son of Shah Jahan (and Mumtaz Mahal), he was not in the line of succession to the Mughal throne. Shah Jahan, in his life time, had designated the brilliant and highly respected eldest son, Dara Shikoah, as his heir. 

Being ambitious, deeply seeded in the Muslim orthodoxy, Aurengzeb would not let his elder brother occupy the throne. This led to a war between Aurengzeb on one side, and his two brothers Shuja and Dara Shikoah on the other, in which the former defeated the latter in May 1658 at Simugarh. Aurengzeb later executed Dara Shikoah and caused the death of his other two brothers too. 

While doing all this, he jailed his father at his own palace in Agra. Not satisfied with such fratricidal killings, he poisoned his own son, Mohd Sultan, aged 38, to death in 1677. By the time he died in 1707, he had brought nearly the whole of Indian subcontinent under his rule.

Being a devout Muslim wedded to orthodoxy Aurengzeb did everything in his power to implement Sharia’h in India. In 1669 he issued general orders to the provincial governors to ‘demolish all schools and temples of the infidels’ and a few years later in 1677, he issued orders to stop recruitment of Hindus in public service. This brought him in conflict with Hindus in various regions: Mrathas under Shivaji, Satnamis, etc.

Aurengzeb did not leave behind a designated heir and his death led to decline in Mughal power, with other foreign powers now eying the Sone ki Chidiya.

Taking advantage of the instability prevailing post-Aurengzeb’s demise, his Vice Roy of Deccan, Asaf Jah declares himself as the Subedar of Deccan. Later, he becomes the first Nizam of Hyderabad. It was his successor whom Sardar Patel put in his place.

That is where Owaisi’s connection lies. 

Col Tej K Tikoo

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