Save Martand of Jammu- The Purmandal Heritage Complex || By Bhushan Parimoo || LIVE IMAGE

Save Martand of Jammu- The Purmandal Heritage Complex || By Bhushan Parimoo || LIVE IMAGE

Shivites went into euphoric Jubilation the otherday.The moment Social media shared that the Prime Minister Narendra Demodardass Bai has shown his keen interest. In the pictorial Exhibition presenting the rich heritage of the Purmandal Utterbani complex. Put up at the village Palli Samba district by the JK Chapter of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) . 

On the occasion to inaugurate by the PM first carbon-free solar panchayat in the union territory on the 24 th April 2022.He went through it, picture to picture, asking in detail for each of them .That was aptly explained by Shastri Rajinder Kumar of Purmandal, detail to apprise the Prime Minister in case need arises. 

It was learnt that the Modi ji expressed that its pristine glory should be restored. An ample reason to believe, because of his keen interest with patience. That was presumed it is now a matter of time for necessary measures to be taken to Restore, Protect, Preserve and improve upon the Purmandal - Utterbani, complex heritage .

That is has been the long cherished desire among the Shivites.Who has been pleading for decades ,making aware of impending danger before it is too late . The deliberate neglect has caused a very uncertain state and is unlikely to survive or succeed. by no one other than those who are supposed to restore our glorious heritage. Months have passed by now but the desire of the Prime Minister seems to have not been taken seriously. Since nothing emerged after his visit to village Pali for Purmandal- Utterbani.

This complex has been there for centuries, much before Sanatan Dharmarth Trust was established by the Dogra rulers.

This Sarcotus sartooum stretches miles on either side from Indewashwar in the north to utterbani in the south. Kashyap Rishi brought Devika known as Gupt Ganga, to Prithii Lok after pleasing God Shiva with his arduous penance. Entire area is referred Tapovan , Shiva’s gift. In the recent past rich envious fascinating landscapes, clothed with dense Forests covering within its protective arms , variegated Flora and Fauna.. There were in our memory which is as fresh as a morning dew numerous water Channels network playing hide and seek, the riddle till date could not be fathomed .Apart from it possessing hundreds of Springs, wells , Ponds, whole scenario that used to convey the message of the marvels of Nature . Live with the local customs, sports, music, dance, folklore, crafts, skills, and traditions. It has all the basic and necessary elements for the preservation, the Heritage, what we have inherited from the past, to value and enjoy in the present, and to preserve and pass on to future generations. 

There are numerous historical sites, buildings, monuments, artefacts to be preserved, apart from restoration, placed in a Museum and archives. It stands as one of the unbroken rich and unique cultural heritage links generations and after generation for more than 5000 years, that has bequeathed to the posterity our cultural heritage. Purmandal - Utterbani, has weathered vagaries of weather at times unkind rulers but was never in its entire history subjected to any onslaught as it is being experienced these days.

There used to be a Deshnami Akhara, on the lines other Shankracharya Mat's of India where deliberation on the Shivism and other religious matters used to discuss the religious matters , most of the devotee had rich stock of religious literature which our the time neglect , termites destroyed it Lately, the local community has realized the importance and historical value of the sites and the wealth of its accompanying archaeological artefacts.Sadly, scores of unique structures, in shape of temples ,Sairias, Havelis in old traditional mortar or mortar less, a couple of Nanakshahi bricks built, and unique artefacts in ruins.

now vandalized, traces of thee wails for the wisdom of the administer Padam Puran mentions Devika had 30 Dhanush width on either side.

Whereas one Dhanush is equal to 6ft. Which means 180 feet breadth on either side. But it is very sad that the holy river has been allowed to be encroached upon by both the locals and by the authorities under the garb of Development. Whatever is spared is utilised for vehicular traffic, giving scant aspect of its holiness , thereby indulging an act of sacrilegious , causing pain to the Shiv Bhagats, who often try to find out ,without any success , then one is forced to find out another query for whom the bells of the administration tolls, at the time we are not ruled by the anti Sanatan Dharma rulers .

Hardly anything is being done to restore it nor any intention is shown towards such an effort. As already mentioned that the hundreds of springs, wells, and ponds it had have been unmindfully destroyed. at places encroached upon with impunity.

It appears without any margin of doubts based on undeniable facts, the present trend of insensitiveness, to retain its sanctity, Heritage , the ruins in which it has landed shall leave no trace of for which it has been known .

History has countless instances, amongst us here , where neglect has ruined the heritage sites, just Martand, Sharda, Buteshver Temples of Naranag, Kangan, Naristan Tral, Awnatipura, Kirmchi Uhampur and many others For which Shivites has-been running from pillar to post pleading , over the several decades to Religious complex.

We are and remain so forever indeed debited to those who though did not belong to our faith, John Marshal, Jean Philippe Vogel and Aurel Stein and others who brought before the world our rich heritage.

Sadly, the temple is now in shambles. The ruination of its structures around water bodies even Maa Devika has been unmindful subject to neglect pushing it on the path of ruination. Hardly any thing is being done to restore it nor any intention is shown towards such an effort.

with the passage of time more artefacts and objects of venerating the site as guardian deity that protected the entire population archaeological interest were recovered from Purmandal. 

As time passed, more objects and artefacts were discovered but their real worth and estimation went a begging for care, protection and preservation. As a result much of this coveted ancient wealth dissipated by the hands of vandals and the elements of Nature. A self help community initiative has now been set up to preserve this ancient site to attract tourism and religious sanctity.

However, given the meagre resources and paucity of local human capital, the entire Purmandal Temple site requires conservation and protection in a more scientific manner by way of creation of a local Museum and heritage center to enable display and preserve the rare historical objects in the desired manner modern lines and also prevent further loss to this historical site.

It is therefore requested to  make available suitable adequate land and funds to construct a proper building structure for this important historical site. The project may be awarded in collaboration with the local community initiative who are and can be the best custodians of this important and historical temple site at Purmandal.

The authorities claim what they are aware of and know only is worth knowing and the rest do not matter. The pathetic reality reminds me of a story of the proverbial blind group claiming themselves wise to describe an elephant.

Each Given the pathetic and lacksidical attitude and way of their working with regard to the needs of the temple's proper care; as already said all these ignorant Babus are Harshas of our times and sadly Modi ji tolerates them in the name of Hindutva agenda.

“A people’s relationship to their heritage is the same as the relationship of a child to its mother.” - John Henrik Clarke

Bushan Parimoo
(The writer is a Jammu based environmentalist and a regular contributor to this Website.)
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